AK-47s, AR-15s, Police and You

By now you’ve read dozens of articles and commentaries on the proposed gun control laws.  We’ve even posted several video clips of statements and debates.  Through it all, there is one constant and that is that most of the news hosts are flaming liberals that are anti-gun.

One of those anti-gun liberals is Bray Cary from The State Journal’s Decision Makers program.  The State Journal claims to be West Virginia’s only business newspaper in the state.

I watched several of Cary’s news clips on their website and there is no doubt about him being a liberal in many areas.  On one of those videos, he interviewed Keith Morgan, president of the West Virginia Citizen’s Defense League.

Cary opens up by stating that the debate on the place of guns in our society is long overdue and Morgan takes him to task from that point on saying:

“I have to take issue with the immediate premise that we started out with that it’s a long overdue discussion.  The discussion is as old as the country itself.  The Framers set everything up and settled that discussion pretty well with the wording and language of the Second Amendment…”

Even though Cary said that he was glad to be able to have a rational discussion on the issue with Morgan, he was anything by rational.  Cary kept throwing out absurd and nonsensical arguments that only showed his ignorance and extreme bias on the subject.  On more than one occasion, Morgan confronted Cary about not being rational.

Morgan points out that the intent behind the Second Amendment was to have the people of the United States be as equally armed as the military.  That really sent Cary reeling with irrational arguments.  Morgan also brought out the fact that the citizens should have every right to be equally armed as law enforcement for the purpose of self-defense.  If police are allowed to have AK-47s and AR-15s for their self-defense, then legally, the citizens are entitled to have them also.  He pointed out something that I previously wrote about, and that it is not the duty of the police to protect us, as ruled by the US Supreme Court.

Cary also uses the same tactic that Joe Biden used with Paul Ryan last year, when he kept interrupting Morgan and not allowing him to complete his statements.  It’s obvious that Cary is so brainwashed by the Obama anti-gun agenda that he seems incapable of comprehending the truths that Morgan shared.  He sloughed them off and kept spouting his anti-gun rhetoric that is untrue and nothing more than an emotional red-herring.

I applaud Keith Morgan for not losing his composure during that interview. I would have had a harder time dealing with Cary’s ignorance and manners.  He is typical of so many other liberals that I have seen and dealt with over the years.  Their minds are made up, they are not open to anything else, no matter how truthful it is, but they fully want you to open your mind to what they are saying and change your opinion.

It kind of reminds me of Harry Reid constantly blaming Republicans for not being willing to compromise and then turning around and stating that he will not entertain any of the Republican bills on jobs or the economy.  But that’s how they operate.  It doesn’t matter if they are lying, inaccurate and exaggerating, they believe what they say to be true and you won’t change their minds for anything.