Airports, Government Buildings & Democratic National Conventions are Racist According to Holder’s Logic

US Attorney General Eric Holder has fought every attempt by Republicans to require a photo ID to vote.  He claims that it’s racist and discriminates against blacks and Hispanics.  Somehow in his warped logic, he doesn’t believe that poor minorities are capable of getting photo IDs so they can vote.

I received an email from former US Rep. Allen West that showed just how flawed Holder’s logic is.  Michele Hickford wrote that she and West flew to a speaking event in Fresno, California.  She wrote:

“I had the honor to travel with my boss, LTC Allen West, on a recent speaking engagement to Fresno to address the Sunbird Conservatives Conference, and I experienced first-hand the terrible travel-suppression practices airlines are using these days to prevent minority travel.”

“Former Congressman Allen West, a black man, was required to show his photo I.D. in order to board the plane. I was appalled.”

“But then for that matter, I as a woman, was also required to show a photo I.D. Such rampant sexism must end!”

“Tomorrow, I will fly back to Florida with my father, who is Jewish. He will also have to show a photo I.D. to board the plane. Can you believe the blatant anti-Semitism that goes on unchallenged in this country?”

“The argument from the Left regarding a photo I.D to vote is patently absurd.”

“Using this ridiculous argument, airlines are racist, every single government building is racist, retailers who require I.D. to accept checks are racist — and in the height of hypocrisy, the 2012 Democrat National Convention was racist for requiring a photo I.D. for entry.”

Taking it a step further I want to point out, according to Holder’s logic, all of the government assistance programs are also racist and sexists.  Just think about all of the same poor minority people that Holder is so concerned about being discriminated against.  When they apply for food stamps, welfare, Medicaid, housing assistance and any other form of government handout, they have to provide an ID.  Doesn’t that make the very government that Holder is protecting one of the largest racist, sexist and bigoted organizations in the country?

Like Hickford wrote in her email, Holder’s objections to photo IDs have nothing to do with discrimination but have everything to do with protecting the ability for more voter fraud.  He uses the ruse of racism as a smoke screen to distract our attention from his real agenda.  It’s kind of like a thief that uses an attractive or sexy looking woman to distract someone while the thief robs them.  Holder distracts us with his claims of racism while he and his minions steal elections away from rightful winners.