Ahmed “Clock Kid” Sues City and Police for $15 Million

Remember that kid who took apart an old digital clock from the 80s, put it in a case, and brought it to school to show teachers his “invention?” After he got the reaction he wanted – which was getting arrested – he got invited to the White House by President Obama. Everything happened way too fast for this incident not to have been staged in some way. Obama doesn’t keep up with the news, unless it involves the Chicago Bulls. How many times has he told reporters at press conferences, “This is the first I’ve heard of it.” But within hours, he was congratulating Ahmed – some kid in Irving, Texas – for his genius invention and asking if he wants to come over and play.

Ahmed and his family have since relocated to Qatar, citing personal safety concerns. They’ve secured an attorney who’s filed a lawsuit against the city of Irving and the Irving Independent School District for a total of $15 million. They also want public apologies. The Blaze reported:

Attorneys representing the family of Ahmed “clock kid” Mohamed sent a letter to Irving, Texas, officials demanding $15 million in compensation for “damages” as well as written apologies from the city’s mayor and police chief.

The letter, obtained by Dallas Morning News reporter Avi Selk, demands $10 million from the City of Irving and $5 million from Irving ISD. Officials have 60 days to “comply” with the demands or face “civil action addressing the causes of action and events” related to the infamous clock incident.

The two officials being asked to publicly apologize are Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne and Police Chief Larry Boyd. Following the publication of this article, Van Duyne first told TheBlaze that “no one from the city has even seen the letter.”

She added, “Apparently, it was more important to get the letter to the media first.” Roughly an hour later, the mayor confirmed that the city had received the letter from the Mohamed family’s attorneys.


For personal security reasons, Ahmed and family are in Doha, Qatar. However, when they feel safe again, all of them want more than anything to come home, to Irving, Texas,” the letter states.

I think they’re overdoing their whole persecution image. It’s not like the kid got arrested for having brown skin. He brought something that was supposed to resemble a bomb. Did officials overreact? Well, maybe. But reacting the way they did over the “clock” was at least more reasonable than how school officials routinely react over “gun-shaped” pop tarts or pointed fingers. In those cases, no one cries about racism. Parents are mostly dumbfounded over the absurd policies that prohibit kids from being kids. Parents get outraged, because school officials have no common sense or discernment, not because their child was racially discriminated against.

If it had been a white Presbyterian kid named John Calvin who brought the same “clock invention” to school, the same thing would have happened. He would have gotten arrested. And Obama would never even know it happened. If he were confronted about it at a press conference, he’d say, “This is the first I’ve heard of it.” The he’d go on and explain that school officials did the right thing, considering that their first priority is ensuring the safety and security of all the children at the school.