How Agreeing With Obama Can Still Make You A Racist

Just what is going on in this country? We have a President who made a staggering power grab by implementing a wildly unpopular form of government dominated healthcare, only to have it fail miserably upon its launch. Knowing very well that failure was assured, the administration took to celebrities and sports teams to help them promote Obamacare, and sell it to the masses. Now, after weeks of Republicans urging a delay—mostly due to the fact that socialized medicine is worthless, but also because of the website debacle—and weeks of Obama and the Democrats balking at such a request, Obama is saying a delay might occur.

My head is spinning. This is what you see when a Liar goes into full panic mode. Once a professional liar becomes burdened by too many lies, and things begin to go haywire, they have to scramble to keep all the balls in the air. But the best, most precious part of this entire situation is the hypocrisy of our beloved Furor.

For weeks and even months, the mere suggestion of a delay for the millions of Americans suffering in the Obamacare nightmare was considered racist. In fact, any opposition to Obama is considered racist. That’s how Liberals defend an incompetent, worthless President. They use his race as a tool. They don’t care that he’s the first Black President outside of the fact that it makes him untouchable. Obama’s race is nothing more than a tool for the Democrats. Now, when it appears that nothing else can be done to shift the burden off of Obama and onto anyone else—preferably Republicans—the Obama administration is suggesting that a delay might be prudent. Ya know, because he cares so much about Americans.

Interestingly enough, Breitbart is also saying that Senate Dems who are up for reelection are supporting this measure as well. Ya know, because they care as well. It has nothing to do with the fact that Obamacare is hated by most Americans. It can’t possibly be that the Dems know that if they’re on the record looking compassionate regarding a delay, they will pick up more votes. Nah! They care. It must be really difficult for the Dems to cover up the sharp fangs and horns when they go out in public.

What a shifty President we have. And what a shifty Senate. So, here’s the breakdown (this is the wonderful way I heard it put earlier today): If you supported a delay before Obama did, you are a racist scumbag, who hates poor people. However, if you support it now, you are prudent, and level headed.

Can you believe people voted for this guy? Then voted for him again? I feel sorry for the intellectual black hole in our society.