After Earthquake Climate Change Alarmists think Mt. Everest Should be Closed!


Leave it to the Church of Global Warming to offer up the craziest bit of analysis on the recent and tragic earthquake that rocked Nepal and caused a deadly avalanche on Mt. Everest. The Climate Change alarmists are arguing that Mt. Everest should be closed because of the effects of Global Warming on avalanches. Yes, they say that Global Warming has made climbing Everest even more dangerous than it already was… and so we should close it down. What the alarmists fail to realize is that people have been dying on Everest for decades, lots of them. Even if Global Warming causes a few more deaths a year, climbers will continue to climb; it’s what they do. Silly liberals. Stop trying to ban stuff. People can take care of themselves, and if they can’t, they can deal with the fallout of their own choices without you stepping in.

In the wake of a massive earthquake that hit Nepal over the weekend, the Washington Post published a piece calling for Mount Everest to be closed to climbers because … you guessed it, global warming.


WaPo’s Justin Moyer writes that “avalanches are the leading cause of death among Sherpas and the second-leading cause of death among ‘members’ — those who pay Sherpas” — citing an article by the Atlantic.

“Its thesis: Global warming may be making avalanches worse,” Moyer wrote.

“You could say [that] climate change closed Mount Everest this year,” John All, a climber and professor of geography at Western Kentucky University, told the Atlantic. Moyer wrote that as “temperatures around the world heat up, even the highest place on Earth is not immune.”

“If it wasn’t the tallest mountain in the world, you would never put yourself on a glacier this active,” Adrian Ballinger, an Everest guide, told the Associated Press.

Moyer also cites racism, the high volume of climbers and the huge amounts of feces on the mountain as other reasons to close the world’s highest peak to climbers. That’s right, news outlets have reported that Everest is home to a “fecal time bomb” from all the poop that’s been left on the mountain from climbers.

Moyer says the mountain has gotten so crappy (literally) that “the more people climb the mountain and feel the call of nature, the worse the fecal time bomb gets.”

“Along the way, people have left oxygen canisters, broken climbing equipment, trash, human waste and even dead bodies in their wake, transforming the once pristine peak into a literal pile of … well, you get the idea,” WaPo reporter Peter Holley previously wrote.