After Being Robbed 5 Times, this Disabled Man Finally Got a Gun and Put it to Good Use

It’s unfortunate that it took being the victim of robbery five different times in the span of six months in order for this disabled Maine man to get a gun. Perhaps he thought he was too old and disabled to be able to handle a gun safely. He is mostly confined to a wheelchair.

Whatever his reasons, he couldn’t take being the victim of robbery anymore. He said crooks are mostly after his money and prescription drugs. Last time, the crook got away with some of his meds and about $1,000. That was the last straw. He got himself a gun, and sure enough, a robbery almost happened again, right after he had gotten a gun. He ended up shooting the guy in the shoulder. WGME reported:

[Harvey] Lembo got the gun on Monday. He never thought he’d have to use it that night. “I screamed at him to stop. And I told him to go sit on the coffee table or I’d blow his brains out. I still had the gun in my hand. And I’m trying to dial 911 with the gun in my hand,” Lembo said.

But the intruder tried to escape. While on the phone, Lembo says the man jumped up and ran. Lembo says he “Tried to run out the back door.”

“And that’s when you shot him?”  CBS 13 asked.

Lembo  replied: “That’s when I shot him, yes. I shot just like that. Just barely missed the side of the wall. Got him in the shoulder. If he’d have sat there, nothing would have happened. But he wanted to leave. And I’ve had enough of it. I’ve had enough.”

“He had definitely been the victim of numerous burglaries before this. So I can certainly understand the fear he might have had,” Rockland Deputy Police Chief Chistopher Young said.

Lembo saw the bullet hit the intruder’s shoulder. When police arrived, they followed a trail of blood to 45-year-old Christopher Wildhaber of Rockland. After a short struggle, police took him into custody. Wildhaber was treated for a gunshot wound to the shoulder and is now behind bars.

It’s pretty clear that criminals knew this man was an easy target. They knew he was older and disabled and that he couldn’t do anything to stop them. If he had already had a gun, I bet he wouldn’t have let the first one succeed, and that that would have prevented the others from trying. I hope this causes other thugs after his money and meds to think twice about trying to victimize him. He’s not an easy target anymore, and he’s not afraid to shoot to protect himself and his belongings.