African-Americans in Dallas, Texas Open Carry to Protest Police Violence

An interesting development has taken place in Dallas, Texas where a group calling themselves the Huey P. Newton Gun Club has organized to protest police violence. In Dallas, over the last 40 years, more than 70 unarmed individuals have been killed by police – and in every case but one, no charges have been brought against the police. In the one case that did lead to an indictment, a video surfaced proving the police had lied about what happened in the shooting… but without that video there would have been no indictment there either.

The gun club has organized like-minded African-Americans to open carry – as is their legal right – wherever they go in Texas. While some liberals may be waiting for conservative anger, I desperately hope that there is none to come.

We conservatives should be ecstatic that a group of liberal law abiding citizens have taken up the cause of the 2nd Amendment. While we may not completely agree with their reasoning, this is exactly why we treasure the 2nd Amendment.

We value the 2nd in the extreme sense, in case our government ever turns tyrannical on us. Whether or not the members of the Huey P. Newton Gun Club are right about their concerns – they are open-carrying because they feel the local government has turned on them. I for one am willing to applaud the peaceful and legal form of protest that they have taken up — just as I would if and when a conservative group, like my friends in the Tea Party, chose to do the same thing.

I wonder if liberals would give us the same leeway?

Anyway, I applaud these citizen activists for exercising their 2nd Amendment rights, and I hope that you will join me in wishing them well. I pray that the authorities don’t grow overly tense over their decision to open carry, because it is the right of every law abiding American citizen to keep and bear arms… no matter the color of their skin or the direction that their politics lean.

Here they are in peaceful protest over the killing of Michael Brown.

Here they are going to lunch while open carrying. It just so happens that a group of Dallas PD officers were also eating there at the very same time (probably a purposeful move by the protesters), but no violence broke out and no guns were fired!