Adam Lanza Was A Ron Paul Supporter?

The legend of Adam Lanza just became a little more unbelievable. Supposedly, this scrawny kid was the “lone gunman” who shot his way through the front entrance of the school and shot some 150 rounds of ammo, killing 26 people with no apparent motive, except that he was affiliated with the NRA. Many of the victims were shot multiple times.

Initial news reports showed other suspects fleeing the scene in the woods and one in custody, but they were let go for unspecified reasons, never to be brought up again. Remember, what the media tell us is reality. We can’t question it or bring up these initial news reports, lest we be called “conspiracy theorists.”

Adam’s dad Peter, a VP at GE Capital, broke his silence about his son recently when he agreed to give an interview with The New Yorker. In the interview, Peter talked extensively about his son’s childhood. He mentioned Adam’s odd fascination with violence at a young age:

That year [when Adam was in 5th grade], Adam and another boy wrote a story called “The Big Book of Granny,” in which an old woman with a gun in her cane kills wantonly. In the third chapter, Granny and her son want to taxidermy a boy for their mantelpiece. In another chapter, a character called Dora the Berserker says, “I like hurting people. . . . Especially children.” Adam tried to sell copies of the book at school and got in trouble. A couple of years later, according to the state’s attorney’s report, a teacher noted “disturbing” violence in his writing and described him as “intelligent but not normal, with anti-social issues.”

Peter said that when he was a middle schooler, Adam became very talkative:

In 2001, Peter and Nancy separated. Adam was nine; when a psychiatrist later asked him about it, he said that his parents were as irritating to each other as they were to him.

Peter recalled, “The funny part is that the separation didn’t really change things for the kids very much.” He moved to Stamford, nearly an hour from Newtown, but still saw the boys every weekend. When Adam entered middle school, he proudly took Peter to see it. “And talk about talkative: man, that kid, you couldn’t shut him up!” Peter said. In the years that followed, they would talk about politics. Adam was a fan of Ron Paul, and liked to argue economic theory. He became fascinated with guns and with the Second World War, and showed an interest in joining the military.

So, you have this weird kid who, at a young age, had a dark and creepy fascination with killing little kids…who also loved Ron Paul. Well, of course he was a fan of Ron Paul. I mean, who else would he be a fan of? Ron Paul attracted only mass murderers, Nazis, white supremacists, 12-year-old crackheads, and prostitutes. I’m being sarcastic of course.

This is important, because if Rand Paul runs for president (by most accounts, he is), they’re going to bring this up. First, they tried tying Adam Lanza to the NRA. Now, they’re trying to tie him to the Paul family, as if what Adam Lanza did was exactly what Ron Paul wanted and campaigned for.

And not only that, this is just more fodder for Homeland Security and the SPLC to tie anyone who has any association at all with anyone in the Paul family to some kind of terrorism.

Chris Dorner was explicit with his opinions on gun control, voicing his support for Piers Morgan and Obama, but since the media control the narrative, they made him look like a victim of his circumstances and a misunderstood martyr; and his actions “misguided” but understandable. Even the pictures they chose of Dorner were of him with a huge smile on his face.

But some weird and creepy white kid (and they always used the creepiest pictures of Lanza; in one of them, he looks like an alien) who goes on a shooting spree, killing a bunch of kids…too much to pass up. And I think their associations go beyond just the Pauls. They had to associate Lanza’s actions with anyone who is a gun enthusiast; anyone who’s an NRA member; anyone who opposes gun control. In short, anyone who would be deemed “anti-government” by our current, peace-loving government.