Adam Lanza: No One Saw This Coming?

I wasn’t sure how to write this article given the anger and despondency I felt as a father when I watched and read of the Connecticut school shooting that took place on Friday. My heart breaks for the parents and loved ones of the innocent lives snuffed out by a deranged young man incapable of understanding the trauma and devastation he has left behind. Twenty eight innocent souls were violently ripped away from their families all victims of a mentally ill young man who went on a delusional rampage and no one not one friend, neighbor or teacher thought it was possible?

According to studies, almost one of every five Americans (18 to 22%) suffers from a psychological or personality disorder. From the treacherously insane to the mildly troubled millions of Americans walk our streets everyday looking at the world through eyes devoid of emotional balance and rational thought. For twenty years, a community watched the unsettling and unfathomable behavior of a ticking time bomb without any concern for this young man’s inevitable meltdown and many observers are blaming firearms?

I have a lot of questions I would like to hear the media asking and analyzing and none of them have to do with legal and responsible gun ownership in America. Perhaps America needs to have a national discussion about the media and entertainment industry’s purposeful desensitizing of all of our youth to the violence, sex and promiscuity they machine gun through the airwaves. Perhaps the media would like to weigh their responsibility for inadvertently glorifying murder/suicide by splashing it all over our living rooms in an attempt to gain ratings. As is always the case the media jumps to false conclusions and blames law abiding Americans for the failures of liberal ideologies and screams for another poorly thought out law restricting uncontrollable behaviors.

The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was not and never will be complicit in any gun violence that occurs in our nation. If anything is to blame for last Friday’s rampage it is the cavalier decisions we make as a society when it comes to the mentally ill; decisions that set us up for exactly what occurs when these troubled souls self-destruct and entire communities are devastated by their reprehensible acts.

Somebody somewhere in the Connecticut mental health field and the public education system didn’t do their job and 28 people are dead. Let’s talk about that.

The Lanza Family knew their son was in trouble for a long time. Adam Lanza was not an orphaned child of limited means barred from access to mental health care. Like many American kids his parents were divorced but from all appearances he had the financial resources necessary to keep him and those he came in contact with relatively safe from his delusions. Yet somehow all the warning signs were ignored and disaster became reality. Let’s talk about that.

Why would an upper middle class Connecticut mother introduce a severely ill son to a gun? More importantly where was Mr. Lanza’s involvement in this insanely stupid decision? How did Adam Lanza get his hands on any gun in his family’s home? In my home all guns are kept under a lock and key. Not only is it the law, but it is just common sense. Let’s talk about that.

Now our nation will debate the merits of gun ownership. We won’t bother to stop and consider that many of our nations mentally ill probably hold positions of power in our government and influence in our media. No, that will never be discussed. Instead we will allow our rights to be eroded by the actions and twisted logic of the mentally ill. Remember they might be crazy but that doesn’t mean they are stupid.