Actress Rose McGowan to Ted Cruz: “You are Blight on the Soul of Humanity. Get Off of My Planet.”

Her hatred and bigotry toward Ted Cruz was all based on a quote that was attributed to him, but was actually totally fabricated. Someone made it up and then gave the credit to Cruz. From The Blaze:

The made-up quote McGowan posted is part of meme from the website “Stop the World, the Teabaggers Want to Get Off,” and includes a photo of Cruz standing next to Josh Duggar, who has apologized for “teenage mistakes” connected to decade-old child molestation charges.

Here’s what the meme has the Texas senator saying on May 22: “While there may have been an age difference, Josh Duggar’s transgressions are far less an affront to God than what gays do with each other.”

McGowan’s post included commentary on the fake Cruz quote: “You are blight on the soul of humanity. Get off of my planet. #TedCruz #f***wits #rapists #criminals”

The next morning, after having been hit with responses letting her know she was spreading a falsehood about Cruz, a profane McGowan at first appeared defiant:

“I could give a f*** RT”

But then she relented, issuing a sort-of apology with — you guessed it — more profanity and stereotyping:

“I’m sorry I said #TedCruz liked child molesters. OK?” McGowan finally tweeted. “No (sic) go back to hating gays …”

I think she meant “Now go back to hating gays,” but you know these Hollywood types. Not much upstairs.

She only hates Josh Duggar, because right now, molesting your sister is still socially unacceptable, much like homosexual behavior used to be. But give it time. If she’s still around in 10 or 15 years, she’ll be apologizing not for lambasting Cruz with a fake quote, but for judging Josh Duggar so much. By then, there won’t really be any such thing as “molesting” one’s sister. They’ll have another name for it, preferably one that won’t offend those involved in incestuous relationships.

And besides, maybe in Josh’s situation, it was consensual. “Love is love,” as they say, and brother-sister love is no different from man-man love or man-boy love. It’s all the same. There really aren’t any rules, particularly rules regarding sexuality.

I seriously doubt McGowan even has any standard, apart from the ever-changing social mores which govern our culture today, to use to judge Ted Cruz or Josh Duggar. One moment, child molesters are evil; the next moment, child molesters were “born that way,” and anyone who judges them is a hateful bigot.