“Act of Violence”: 8-Year-Old Suspended for Pointing his Finger

We’ve seen this story about a million times now. What’s surprising is that the punishment the kid received wasn’t nearly as severe as it usually is in these types of cases.

Usually, a toy gun sighting or finger-pointing incident is enough to warrant at the minimum a 3-day suspension. Sometimes, if the toys are too realistic looking, as in the recent case of kids playing with airsoft guns in a kids’ front yard, expulsion is called for.

As many have pointed out, schools’ “no tolerance” policies towards guns and toys are more like “no brains” policies. School officials’ overreactions show they have zero common sense. Of course, I also think they want their students to grow up with no brain at all. Or at least a washed brain that’s easily programmed.

So, the latest comes from a Florida elementary school. Local news reported:

An Osceola County mother is outraged after she said her 8-year-old son was kicked out of class for playing cops with his friends at Harmony Community School and using his finger to simulate a handgun. Jordan Bennett was suspended from school for the day, but his mother, Bonnie, said she’s now worried her son be labeled as violent with a suspension on his record. “He had nothing in his hand. It was a finger gun, a pretend gun,” Bennett said. But as it turns out, the school considered the gesture to be an act of violence.

An “act of violence.” That would be hilarious if it weren’t the way things really are. These same people who teach a kid that pointing his finger and saying “pow” is an act of violence would argue that murdering an unborn baby is a woman’s right. And if you call abortion an act of violence, then that makes you “anti-choice.” Not allowing abortion would be the act of violence, they’d argue, because it would be “forced birth.”

Institutionalizing government schools into criminal magnets by enforcing gun-free zones and stupid no-tolerance policies will always result in greater deaths when the next “crazed, lone gunman” decides to shoot up a bunch of kids. Those criminals depend on schools’ no tolerance policies to be able to commit as many murders as possible.

Gun-free zones are true acts of violence not only on the Constitution, but on innocent people.