ACLU Screaming About Creation-Based Archery Classes After Reading Inaccurate News Report

For some time now, a number of public schools in Ohio and other places have been using His Pins program to teach archery to thousands of students.  The archery program has a religious class that is taught at churches and a secular class that is used by public schools.

One of the school districts that use His Pins archery program is Lebanon City School District in Lebanon, Ohio, about 30 miles north of Cincinnati.  Recently, a newspaper reporter wrote an article about His Pins archery programs being used in the Lebanon schools.  The way the article read, it made it sound like the public schools were teaching a creation-based program to their students.

Kevin Schweiger, Director of His Pins at Grace Chapel said the article was inaccurate:

“Although as a Christian, father of public school children, intelligent thinker and pastor, I strongly disagree with the ACLU’s and AU’s opinion, I can see where they would be inflamed by the article they saw.  Unfortunately, it was quite misleading and had a number of inaccuracies.”

“[T]he reporter confused what happens in the public school classroom with what happens at the church in the club sessions.  Those kids who join the club at the church do so because they want to continue their archery skills and be a part of a club-like atmosphere–and also want to experience the life skills teaching provided by the church. At the classes held at the church, there is a short devotion at the end of each class.”

“This is not what happens at the school visits.  At those visits, the only mention of a religious nature is in our opening statement to effect of, ‘We believe that God created the Heavens and the Earth, and at some point after that, men developed the need to provide meat for food. Through this process, the bow and arrow came about.’”

Of course, this is instant fodder for the bastions of injustice and removal of personal rights, better known as the ACLU.  As soon as they read the article, they sent a letter to the Lebanon school district to warn them that by using a creation-based program to teach archery that they were violating the infamous and fictitious separation of church and state.  The ACLU accused the instructors of His Pins of trying to convert public school students to Christianity and the school district was being warned about allowing such proselytization to take place in a public school.

Drew Dennis, an Ohio ACLU attorney commented on the issue, saying:

“It is the job of families to educate their children on spiritual values, not the government.  If families want their children to learn about archery and biblical creationism at the same time, there are ample opportunities off school grounds. There is no need to create unnecessary constitutional problems by involving the public school system.”

Barry Lynn, who professes to be a United Church of Christ pastor, is also an attorney and Executive Director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State.  He rarely misses an opportunity to take action against fellow Christians.  His words are often quite caustic and anti-Christian and keeping to his usual form, issued this statement as part of a news release:

“These people are proselytizers and have to go.  No public school should force its students to take classes with evangelical Christian clergy who are out to save souls. Such ‘teachers’ likely can’t be trusted not to preach, and inviting them into a school is simply asking for trouble.”

Obviously Lynn forgets that many schools in this country first started as outreaches of local churches and clergy were often used as teachers.  One of the main textbooks millions of American kids used in school was the Bible.  But, hey, don’t forget that Lynn is an ordained pastor who just can’t stand to see our kids being proselytized by Christians.

Schweiger concluded that he has been in contact with the Lebanon City School District and said:

“The superintendent in Lebanon City Schools has told me that he and his principals are very pleased with what we bring to them, appreciate our flexibility and service to the community, and have no plans to discontinue our relationship.”

Both the ACLU and Americans United for Separation of Church and State are shooting first and not asking questions afterwards.  They aren’t interested in the truth of what is really happening, only that this gives them another target in their anti-god, anti-Christian efforts to sterilize the nation of its Christian foundation.

Please, someone tell me when is the last time you’ve seen either of these hate groups attack schools that are promoting, teaching and proselytizing children into Islam?  Where were they when Dearborn, Michigan high schools held separate proms for Muslim girls?  Where were they when schools were having them study the Koran and even kneel to pray to Allah?

When the ACLU and Barry Lynn are silent on these schools but vehemently attack the slightest hint of Christian involvement, even if their information is wrong, it demonstrates their anti-Christian bias and hatred.  I don’t understand how anyone can profess to be an ordained Christian pastor and yet spend so much time and energy attacking everything Christian and little to nothing Islam. Why would anyone want to sit under that kind of spiritual leadership defies me?