ACLU Says Ok for Teachers to Harass Christian Students but Not Buddhists

For the past several decades, public school teachers have been harassing Christian students for their faith and getting away with it.  Countless Christian students have been humiliated in front of their classmates when teachers mock them for believing in the Bible and what it says about the creation of the world and for its teachings on homosexuality.  I personally know of people who were called idiots, stupid, ignorant and worse for believing in the Bible.  I also know of science teachers that have failed students because of their creationist beliefs.  College students are denied their hard earned degrees because of their creationist beliefs even though they had excellent grades throughout their college career.

In all of these cases, where has the ACLU been?  Can you ever recall a case where the ACLU stepped in and filed a lawsuit against a teacher for harassing a Christian student over their faith?

Yet, the ACLU leaped at the chance to file a lawsuit against the Sabine Parish School Board in the western parish of Sabine, Louisiana for supposedly harassing a Buddhist high school student.  According to the accusations, the student identified only as C.C., the son of Scott and Sharon Lane, is a life-long Buddhist of Thai descent and C.C. was forced to leave Negreet High School.

The lawsuit asserts that the school is openly pushing Christianity by displaying Bible verses on their electronic message board at the school entrance and that they have prayer and other Christian representations in the school.  Perhaps the most egregious harassment was that of science teacher Rita Roark who taught that the Bible is 100% factual and that God created the earth about 6,000 years ago.  She also teaches that evolution is not possible.

Hurray for Rita Roark!  She’s right!  God did create everything just as He said He did in Genesis 1-2 and evolution is impossible.  I have a Master’s Degree in biology and find it quite revealing that evolution defies all of the known laws of biology, physics, chemistry, astronomy and information that evolutionists teach, but they still expect everyone to believe it happened.

Also named in the lawsuit is Sabine Parish School Superintendent Sara Ebarb.  The parents claim that they took their complaint to her and she told them that their son should either change his religious belief or attend another high school about 25 miles away that had other Asian students.

From the actions of the ACLU, it’s not okay for a school superintendent to tell a Buddhist student to change his religion, but it IS okay for teachers to tell Christian students that their religion is wrong, and that they will change by the end of the semester or year.  The ACLU says it’s not okay to tell someone that God created them and the earth, but it IS okay to tell them they are nothing more than an evolved ape.

In essence, the ACLU is defending the rights of Buddhists and atheists but not the rights of Christians.  This is why I sometimes refer to the ACLU as the Anti-Christian Lawyers Union as they fight against everything Christian.  It’s not about defending rights; it’s about removing all vestiges of Christianity from the American landscape.  And because Christians are not standing up for their rights, the courts are ruling in favor of the ACLU cases.  What once was a nation lush with Christian growth is quickly turning into a vast wasteland occupied only by weeds, thorns and thistles and it’s our fault for letting it happen.