According to Leftists, UPS Ruined Christmas

UPS was late delivering some of your packages, and some of them didn’t make it in time for Christmas. The US Postal Service and at least this one leftist consider this a win:

Some people will blame the customer for waiting until the last minute to place their order, but the problems at UPS and Fed Ex illustrate why the Republican plan to kill the USPS would be a total disaster. As private companies, UPS and Fed Ex have no incentive to make sure that they have the amount of capacity needed to handle a last minute holiday flood of orders. Their main incentive is to maximize profit, not serve the public.


Both companies are blaming the weather for their inability to deliver as promised, but the United States Postal Service was able to deliver in time for Christmas, so the weather excuse appears to be a bit flimsy. If Republicans got their way, and the Postal Service was privatized, the horror stories from UPS and Fed Ex would become the norm for every American 365 days a year.

This is exactly the kind of stupid thinking leftists will be famous for when a more clear-headed future generation looks back at our epoch of mediocrity. There are at least two brainless misconceptions here:

One, it is UPS and Fed Ex that have the highest incentive to serve the public and get packages where they need to go on time. When they fail to meet customer expectations, they lose money, and they don’t have an unlimited purse to fall back on in hard times. Serving the public is maximizing profit and keeping their businesses afloat. If the US Postal Service straight up destroys one of my packages,1 that doesn’t mean they are any closer to going out of business. I have to use them for first-class mail, and the civil government just won’t let them die. So who really has the incentive to serve the public?

Which leads me to my second point. People use UPS and Fed Ex (a lot) because they generally do a good job. If the US Postal Service did a better job, customers would  use them instead. But the fact is, the USPS doesn’t do a very good job. They kind of suck actually.

Why do you think the US Postal Service was able to deliver by Christmas and Fed Ex and UPS were not? Because hardly anyone was sending packages through the US Postal Service, that’s why. Do you really think the USPS would have fared any better if they had been the ones responsible to deal with all that volume? Hardly.

I’m so sick of stupid.

  1. Oh, you wanted that delivered in one piece? Should’ve bought insurance. []