According to Don Lemon, an Automatic Weapon is …

There’s one consistent common factor uniting all gun control advocates. They usually don’t know very much about guns. Whether it’s “30 magazine clips” or the arbitrary definition of “assault weapons,” gun control advocates are regularly just wrong about guns. Don Lemon joined the ranks recently in spectacular fashion.

According to Don Lemon, he actually bought an automatic weapon in Colorado around the time of the Aurora shootings. Which is odd, since automatic weapons were and are illegal. When this very point was brought up to Lemon by Ben Ferguson, he said that Ferguson was just getting bogged down in “semantics.”

When asked again, “What is your definition of an automatic weapon?” Don Lemon answered:

“Well, for me, an automatic weapon is something that you can shoot off a number of rounds very quickly . . .”

Yes, well, that is not really the definition of an automatic weapon, is it? And beginning a definition with “well, for me …” kind of undercuts the purpose of a definition. Definitions are something to which the consensus agrees so that conversations can occur with a minimum of confusion. But what is even more hilarious is that Don Lemon just wouldn’t let himself be corrected. He doubled down on his ignorance when he said he actually could fire off multiple rounds with only one trigger pull of his AR-15. Ummm, no, you can’t. Unless you tweaked it after you bought it. Which is illegal. If Don Lemon ever even bought one that is.

There is one certain thing in this debate. Gun control advocates don’t know jack about the way guns work. And perhaps that is one reason why they are so terrified of guns. It’s like the irrational fear of flying. Most people don’t understand how a huge weighty tube of metal could safely hurtle you through the air. It’s quite mysterious. So it’s also a little scary. Forget the fact that cars are way more dangerous statistically. For those afraid of flying, they feel in control in a car, because they have more familiarity with how a car works. It seems more natural.

So you don’t hear about knife control laws. Or billy club control laws. Everyone knows how those work: apply the business end to your enemy with force.

But these firearms are magical. You pull a trigger and some mystery of chemistry and ballistics propels a piece of metal instantly toward your target. I don’t understand it. It’s scary. No one should have one of those.

So here’s a tip for gun control advocates: Get familiar with guns. Shoot them. Understand them. Don’t fear them. Then, if you still want to be a gun control advocate, at least you’ll know something about your “enemy.” But the thing is, if you actually go though the process of educating yourself about guns, I doubt you’ll still be a gun control advocate.