Abusive Court Brutalizing Pleading Woman Shows Why Civilization Requires Capital Punishment

I’ve watched this video several times. It is making me crazy.

Granted, video can be misleading. And perhaps the judge was afraid because of coercion that goes on in the courtroom. I don’t know.

But on the face of it, this shows us a pleading woman making a plausible charge against a cop (specifically, a marshal). Even if she were lying, the only way the cop could be in a position to get slandered was because he put himself in a room alone with the woman. It shows two cops coercing, threatening, and blackmailing this lady to change her testimony. And it shows a judge ignoring her pleas and distracting her daughter while the cops work on her.

According to the blog where I found this video, the marshal who was accused of sexually abusing the girl has been fired.

So, if this really went down the way the video shows us, then all three of these court officers should be tried and, if found guilty, executed.

I suppose locking them up for life might be enough, but I don’t believe in prison sentences of that sort. Why should taxpayers be forced to support them?

These officers have committed what ought to be a capital crime. To abuse the public’s trust and the immense power they have to dispense justice and to use it to abuse a young woman with no advocate or even a friend present is an unspeakable betrayal. That kind of abuse of authority needs to be put down.

The Bible has instructions for ancient Israel commanding that cities that become corrupt be destroyed. Such directions seem “over the top” to modern people. Many people think that such punishments are “barbaric.” What is barbaric is what happens when evil people are able to capture public institutions. At some point, a self-selection process takes hold of the institution so that only evil power trippers are even able to get into those positions. People who work in such places don’t want new co-workers who will get in their way. They make give preference to new employees who will agree to work the system and cover for their fellow employees.

You see the results of this process on the video (again, assuming it shows what happened accurately). A woman gets felt up and forced to expose herself. Then, when she yells for help and justice, she is assaulted and threatened with a made-up law (“making a false accusation against an officer”). Notice that the Marshal and his partner act boldly against her. There is no sign they are afraid of being caught on video, nor do you see them looking at the judge to make sure she is going along with their actions. They are completely confident that they can get away with what they are doing. No authority will intervene, but rather the authorities will cover for them.

That is what happens when a society does not bother to punish people who abuse power. Civilization dies because corrupt rulers live.