Do-It-Yourself-Abortion: Newborn Found In Trash Bag In Alley

A woman was charged yesterday for a do-it-yourself, late-term abortion. The authorities are not actually calling her crime by that name, but that is what she did—she gave birth to a boy and threw him away. If you want to know what kind of culture abortionists are promoting, you could see it in a dirty alley in New Jersey last week.

“Police were dispatched to a 5-story apartment building on Kensington Avenue around 3 p.m. to a report of an abandoned baby boy who was found in a garbage container, Hudson County Assistant Prosecutor Gene Rubino said. The baby was rushed to be treated at the Jersey City Medical Center, said Rubino, adding that its condition at this time is unknown. No additional information was release as officials with the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office Special Victims Unit and Jersey City Police are continuing their investigation. The building supervisor, Arturo Rivas, who called the police said he was told of the find by three teenage boys who were playing in the building’s courtyard and heard the baby crying. Rivas’s wife, Rebecca Womers, said she rushed to retrieve the child after the teenage boys ran up to their apartment and said ‘We hear something crying, we see something moving,’ ‘I opened the bag from the bottom and it still had the umbilical cord attached,’ she said. Womers said she cleaned the baby and noticed its chest was moving as she waited for Emergency Medical Service personnel to arrive on the scene. She said no one in the apartment building that she knows of was pregnant and said she has no idea who could have left the baby in the trash. Rivas said he usually kicks the teenage boys out of the courtyard but today he said ‘thank God they were back there.’”

I already know what abortionists will say if they are forced to confront this crime or many crimes like it. They are going to say that this is what abortion is for. If only we had greater “access” to abortion for women then this wouldn’t happen.

So what?

I don’t want babies to be aborted who are now being born and then thrown away. When a baby is actually born then that baby is sometimes found, either dead or alive (this one is still alive by the way). And when such a baby is found, the courts and the machinery of law actually treats the baby exactly the way any such person should be treated. The powers that be treat the baby as the victim of a crime.

But if the baby is aborted one day earlier, then the baby is magically deprived of his or her rights. In that case, the mother and doctor get away with murder. If the father pressures the mother to abort, he will never be charged as an accessory.

So, no thanks! I prefer babies thrown away in the garbage to be found and rescued. I prefer babies that cause a police investigation.