Abortion As A Human Right And Wendy Davis As Savior

As governor, I’ll always make investing in our Texas children my first priority. #TeamWendy.” – Wendy Davis

We are living in a time of crisis. I want you all to know that. We move about our days as if nothing is the matter, while behind closed doors, Republicans are devising new ways to control the bodies of women. Now, one might wonder, “Why on earth would politicians want to control women’s bodies? What’s to be gained?” I’ll tell you what: EVERYTHING!

Almost all Republicans are male, and almost all Republicans are white. We know from science that the top priority in the mind of every white male is the domestication of women. If they don’t have a woman in the kitchen, pregnant, with a roast in the oven at all times, white, Republican men cannot function. White, Republican men want a return to the days of slavery, but because slavery of blacks was outlawed, they have turned to the next best option: WOMEN!

The singular way to gain control of women is to gain control of their uteruses. We know from science that a woman is entirely made up of her uterus, and vagina. Without complete autonomous control of those essential parts, women can’t exist. With that in mind, white, Republican men have relentlessly attacked female reproductive rights. They have tried to ban contraception… Well, not really. But they have tried to ban Plan B, and—most egregiously—they have tried to ban abortions.

Without the ability to choose whether or not to terminate the child growing inside her, a woman has nothing. She might as well be shackled to a sewing machine in a sweatshop. For what is a woman if not a judge, jury, and executioner for the unborn? Without abortion, and free birth control, women might as well be shoveling coal in the bowels of a ship, for they would be slaves to man.

In order to stem the flood of this MANtatorship, we must elect Wendy Davis. She keeps alive the flame of abortion rights for all women. She is the Valkyrie that will take back this country from the slave owners, the pigs who call themselves Republicans.

Finally, in addition to having abortion rights on the forefront of her policy, she is also looking out for our kids…the already living ones—not the ones we murder in utero.

Wendy Davis 2014.