Abortion Clinic Closed After Months of Assaults Against Pro-Lifers

What would you do or be willing to endure if you knew the sum total of your actions saved at least one innocent life?

That’s a question that pro-life demonstrators and prayer warriors had to ask themselves as they continued their efforts to shut down an abortion clinic in their area.

Rockford, Illinois has some residents that strongly believe that the risks of physical assaults are worth enduring if it saved the lives of the city’s unborn children.  Over a prolong time, members of the Rockford Pro-Life Initiative demonstrated and prayed outside the only abortion clinic in town.

Sometimes a car would pull up and the occupants would get out and assault the demonstrators and other times it would be someone walking by.  The worst part is that the local police seemed to side with the abortion clinic.  They either took over half an hour to respond to 9-1-1 calls or they did what they could to harass the demonstrators.  One police officer told a demonstrator to get out of his sight and when the demonstrator went to obey the order and step into the street, the officer cited him for jaywalking.

Kevin Rilott of Rockford Pro-Life Initiative told OneNewsNow:

“It was unbelievably bad. At times assaults took place on pro-lifers.  We’d have to call 9-1-1 repeatedly two, three, four times. Officers would show up over half an hour after an assault took place. They just were not taking any of these incidents seriously.”

“The officer responded by ordering the pro-lifer to get out of his sight, and when the pro-lifer complied with the officer’s demand, he ticketed the pro-lifer for taking a few steps onto a residential street and gave him a jaywalking ticket for that.”

However, the pro-life group’s persistence and endurance has paid off.  They filed a federal lawsuit against the city police department which was settled without going to court.  Rockford police officers are now being trained in the US Constitution and the First Amendment right of free speech.  The city has also instituted a formal grievance procedure in case any officers fail to comply with the new training and regulations.

And by the way, in midst of all of this, the only abortion clinic in Rockford closed its doors.  Only God knows how many innocent lives will be saved by those who knowingly faced being physical assaulted on a continual basis.  As Luke 6:23 states:

“Rejoice in that day, and leap for joy, for behold, your reward is great in heaven.”