Abortion Charity Gives Donors Coat Hanger Necklaces As Gifts

“The function of wisdom is to discriminate between good and evil.” – Marcus Tullius Cicero

Are we wise? As a nation, are we wise enough to discern what is evil? Some of us are, some aren’t, and some are, but are willfully foolish. It is the willfully foolish that will be the end of us, because it is they who don’t need a healthy world to survive. They are like sewer roaches, who will live, no matter the condition into which the world around them has fallen. It is the willfully foolish who are the main contributors of our societal rot.

I really believe that abortion promoters are the most willfully foolish of any of us. They are akin to the slave owners of the past, who aggressively promoted slavery, even though within their hearts, they knew it was evil.

According to multiple outlets, a particular abortion charity has been giving certain donors a disturbing gift. From the DC Abortion Fund website:

“Donors who sign up to give $10/month or more will receive a DCAF coat hanger necklace as our way to say thank you…Visit our online donation page today and in the dedication box, type in ‘Coat hanger’…”

Yeah, the DC Abortion Fund is giving out coat hanger necklaces as gifts. What a disgusting thing to do. That’s like a civil rights charity giving out noose necklaces. It’s offensive on multiple levels. I’m sure the DC Abortion Fund claims that the necklaces are a reminder of the good done by the donors in preventing poor women from having to use hangers to abort their infants, but it is all so vile.

These necklaces are a celebration of abortion. They are a symbol of pride. Look at me, I gave money to an organization that helps women murder their children! It’s an extension of the willful ignorance which permeates our society, and our understanding of abortion. People simply refuse to educate themselves about the procedures of abortion. Ask any abortion supporter at a liberal rally how much they know about abortion, and I guarantee they will have very little to say. They will lay out for you the platitudes of women’s reproductive rights, and they will slogan you to death, but when pressed about the actual procedures, they will have nothing to offer you.

In a world of infinite information, we have a group of people who don’t care to know about what they support. Abortion is not at all trivial, and people know that. So why, if you are involved in a debate as heated as the one about abortion, would you not educate yourself? Why would you not read, and watch all you could to understand why pro-lifers believe what they do? The answer lies in willful ignorance. It is the cancer of a dying society.

When we no longer care to discriminate between what is good, and what is evil, we no longer deserve to be free. These coat hanger necklaces are a sign of our cultural rot. They are a symbol of our death. They will drag us down into the murky water in which we will slowly pass away.