Abortion Is to Breast Cancer What Smoking is to Lung Cancer

A fairly recent study conducted in China points out an extraordinary link between abortion and breast cancer. Apparently, having an abortion increases a woman’s chances of breast cancer by nearly 50%, and the percentage grows higher with every abortion.

In a country like ours where everyone from military personnel to football players wear pink in a purported act of solidarity with the fight against breast cancer, it should be surprising that this link has not been made more public. If we were really interested in defeating breast cancer, it would make sense to educate women about the very significant link between abortions and breast cancer. After all, we inform smokers on every pack of cigarettes that smoking contributes to heart disease and lung cancer. The more a person smokes, the more they are at risk. The same is true of abortions and breast cancer.

The link is largely undeniable at this point, but it has been denied by everyone for years. The National Cancer Institute and even the Susan G. Komen Foundation deny any correlation. That doesn’t mean much, however. For years, equally “respectable” and “unbiased” organizations of “experts” denied the link between smoking and lung cancer. Doctors apparently even recommended smoking for health reasons. If you don’t think there aren’t very powerful organizations (cough cough Planned Parenthood cough) as equally invested in the perpetuation of the abortion myth, you need to set down your cold cup of Kool-Aid and smell the napalm.

You won’t hear much about this (other than hollow denials and “fact” flashing), in spite of the fact that multiple studies from different countries over the past twenty years have corroborated a correlation between abortion and breast cancer. And the reasons for the connection are fairly well-known, though not heavily publicized. In an interview with World Net Daily, Dr. Jane Orient, a spokeswoman for the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, explained:

Orient said breast cancer is generally hormone sensitive and is often treated with anti-estrogens. Pregnancy is the most important cause of a high estrogen level.


She noted estrogen increases by 2,000 percent by the end of the first trimester, increasing cancer vulnerability. However, by the end of pregnancy, 85 percent of breast-cancer tissue has become cancer-resistant because of hormones made by the fetal-placenta presence.


That means a completed pregnancy protects against breast cancer. The protection is lost when a pregnancy is aborted, making a woman even more vulnerable to breast cancer.

Women who carried their babies to term were actually less at risk for breast cancer than women who had never been pregnant. It is clear then that “informed consent” should include a discussion of the risks of abortion. But most facilities and organizations that provide abortions are not required to mention any risks—apparently there aren’t any. Abortion is touted as a largely risk-free means of birth control. Proponents of “women’s rights” want to suppress the connection between abortion and breast cancer because they have an ideological vested interest in telling women that abortions are completely and perfectly safe. They are not. The detrimental emotional and physical side effects of abortion are enormous.

It’s time the real wagers of the war on women stop speaking out of both sides of their mouths. If they truly care about women’s health, they need to be preaching against abortions as vehemently as they currently endorse them.