A Thousand Excuses For Foreign Aid To Nowhere; But No Excuse Allowed To End Aid

Everyone once in a while you see a news story that just screams about everything that is wrong with the United States Imperial Ruling Class and their money habits. By “their money habits” I don’t mean it is their money. It is our money under the control of their habits of how to spend that money.

Under the accurate headline, “US aid spending unlikely to change, despite $8 billion wasted in Iraq,” the Christian Science Monitor reports that “experts” believe that “we” (i.e. the predators who rule over us) will continue to give our money to foreign dictatorial regimes to enhance their power.

“A US government report detailing widespread waste and missed opportunities in America’s $60 billion reconstruction effort in Iraq is unlikely to dramatically alter America’s aid policy, say international development experts. Yesterday the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction (SIGIR) released a report entitled Learning From Iraq that examined many of the challenges and mistakes that led to the wasting of at least $8 billion, or 13.3 percent of US reconstruction spending in Iraq. Although the report offered suggestions for improvement, the US continues to fund a number of programs in Afghanistan that bear a strong resemblance to the failed Iraq projects outlined in the report.”

Of course they do. From the standpoint of the governing class, such “waste” is a feature, not a bug. The point is to pour money into the pockets of both foreign clients as well as contractors who are friends with the current US regime. What’s more, all this “waste” (pretending that the money is wasted rather than directed to exactly where powerful people wanted it to go) was foreseen. The government was warned in advance.

“Ashley Jackson, a research fellow at the Overseas Development Institute, says that most of the problems highlighted in SIGIR’s final report on Iraq were issues the agency repeatedly warned Congress and Presidents Bush and Obama about. ‘This is something they started reporting on years ago and nothing has changed,’ she says. SIGIR’s sister institution, the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, has issued regular reports on US spending in Afghanistan, uncovering many of the same wasteful spending patterns. Both organizations’ findings have resulted in numerous criminal investigations, but Ms. Jackson says the watchdogs lack the authority to implement aggressive changes that could prevent future waste.”

All of this is really beside the point. Foreign “aid” is always 100 percent a waste. It is typically a direct transfer payment where money is taken away from middle class Americans (or their children are put deeper in debt) in order to give money to the richest and most powerful segment of a foreign country. It is nothing more or less than taking money from the poor to give to the rich.

No matter how many failures are reported regarding our “free money” programs for other countries, someone always claims that ending aid is unwise. There are always experts ready to give testimony about how important it is for the United States to “help” other governments.

It is always a completely rigged debate.