A Personal Encounter With Liberal Fascism

Something happened to me a few days ago that perfectly demonstrates liberal intolerance, and I think some conservatives reading will be able to relate.

My workplace received an email from a liberal whose name and email address I’ll spare him the publishing of.

The email read:

Dear sir

I believe you employ a man named Chris Graham. You are probably aware of his conservative politics, but did you know that he operates a website called [redacted], where he expresses profoundly racist, sexist and homophobic views, as well as advocating violence against women ([redacted]) while clearly identifying himself as an employee of your store (for example, here [redacted] and here [redacted]).

I apologize for being so presumptuous in letting you know about this, but I thought you should be made aware of the image of your bookstore that this young man is sending.

With regards,


My boss forwarded the email to me on my day off and simply wrote in the subject line, “Let’s discuss tomorrow.”

I wrote back to my boss and sent him two links I had previously written that clarified for illiterate liberals the points of view I expressed in the links provided by this guy.

My boss just wanted me to remove from my website any reference to the store, which I did no problem, and that was the end of it.

So, to the slimy weasel who sent that email:

1.You failed. I’m still on the job and I’m still the favorite employee, even though my boss disagrees with me with me on politics.

2.You’re a coward. You didn’t want to come to me and have a substantive debate. You just wanted to tattle on me. Can you fathom how pathetic that makes you?

3.You’re a fascist. You wanted me punished, reprimanded, silenced, fired because of my opinion, because you disagree with me. You accused me of advocating violence against women (but that’s because you can’t read) and of being a racist (who vehemently supported Herman Cain in the primaries) and a homophobe (who follows several blogs belonging to gay conservatives). Let me ask this: let’s say I wanted all blacks and gays killed and all women raped, okay? Let’s say that those are my beliefs. So what? Am I killing blacks and gays and raping women? No. I’m working at a bookstore with customers who are not affected at all one way or the other. If you got me fired, what did you think you were doing, saving customers from being in the same room as someone whose beliefs they know nothing about? Ooh, how brave of you! How heroic! But you didn’t like what I believe so you wanted to harm me. Liberals have names for people like you, which brings me to my next point.

4.You’re a bully. You’re the person you and your fellow liberal fascist scum whine about all the time and want to imprison for being mean. Yes, it was a horrible thing you did to me, but I’m not a fascist like you and your ilk, so I don’t want you imprisoned.

5.You have no life. You live in Canada, so my harmless beliefs here in Virginia certainly have no affect over in your pointless country (I can say that because I’m part Canadian). But you saw my website, knew I lived in northern Virginia, and spent who knows how many frenzied, furious, fascistic hours trying to find out where precisely I work so that you could attempt to punish me for the beliefs I hold that are not in lockstep with yours. Get a life, loser.

Fellow conservatives, never let yourselves be bullied into silence.