86-Year-Old Defends Herself With Gun–Government Would Prefer Her Powerless

As the saying goes: “When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.” This saying has application beyond that of crime, and disaster; it applies to society as a whole. When something is needed, the government is never on time. Inversely, when something is not needed, the government is always there. Thus, an oppressive government stands close to its people, but remains distant to its true needs. This is the battle over gun control.

The Liberal concept of gun control claims to favor compassion; saving the masses from violence. The truth is more complicated: gun control favors the criminal—the violent and depraved—plunging the masses into a sea of darkness. Gun control disregards people, and in turn, focuses on objects used by people.

Last Friday, 86 year old Louise Howard, of Tennessee was startled when she heard someone–who was later apprehended–break through the glass door in an attempt to invade her home. In defense, Louise grabbed her gun. She and the intruder struggled down a hallway. A shot was fired, but no one was injured. In the end, Louise Howard’s gun may just have saved her life.

Were this England–where hand guns are banned–Louise Howard may not have survived the intrusion. The point is that extreme gun restrictions forget the many in favor of a few. The laws are tailored to criminals, while they leave people like the 86 year old Howard in the lurch. There are certainly better ways to prevent mass shootings, up to and including concealed carry laws; for which there is ample supporting evidence.

People like Howard, and numerous others, need the second amendment; they need to be able to protect themselves. The government has no right to intrude where laws already stand to provide a means of self defense. Gun control begins with multi-bullet cartridges, and ends with full confiscation, the likes of which has already been seen in England. Despite England’s harsh gun restrictions, gun related violence has increased dramatically.

In the end, when seconds count, the government is there to make sure you are defenseless. With each passing moment, another coin is taken from our bank of rights and deposited into the Government’s. The process of disempowerment is slow and deliberate; but soon enough, if we allow it, we will have nothing left; everything will be in the possession of the government.