83% of American Voters are Uninformed According to Poll

When I saw the email headline from Rasmussen Reports, 83% Think Americans Are Not Informed Voters, I immediately agreed and thought to myself that the last two presidential elections were living proof.

They asked the people:

“1* Do U.S. voters have too much say or not enough say in choosing their leaders? Or is their level of choice about right?”

“2* Is the United States more or less democratic than most other nations? Or is it about as democratic as most other nations?”

“3* Does your vote really matter in an election?”

“4* In countries with democratically elected governments, do voters have a responsibility to be informed about major policy issues?”

“5* Are most Americans informed voters?”

To Question 1, 62% believe that we have too little to say about electing our leaders. 27% said we have just the right amount of say and 5% actually responded that we have too much to say about electing our leaders – they must have been liberal Democrats.

To Question 2, half of the people said that America is more democratic than most other nations. However, 20% said we were less democratic than other nations and 21% believe we are virtually the same as other countries.

To Question 3, 62% of the people said yes, their votes still matter and 29% disagreed, saying their votes really don’t matter. Interestingly, in Oct. 2008, just prior to the election of Barack Obama and his fellow Democrats, 86% of the people polled believed their votes count.

I suspect the 24% decline could be due to the way the Obama administration fights every attempt to prevent voter fraud coupled with the reports of dead people, pets and illegals voting along with the thousands of people registered to vote in more than one state and let’s not forget about all of the voting machines that were programmed to only vote for Obama. I also recall writing about a Democratic Congressman’s son who was telling people how to vote more than once.

To Question 4, 90% of the people said yes, that people have a responsibility to be informed about major issues. Only 5% disagreed and another 5% were probably too uninformed to make a decision.

To Question 5, 83% of the people responded that Americans are NOT informed voters. Only 9% said they were and 8% were too uninformed to make a decision. Last October, 73% said that Americans were NOT informed voters and voted mainly on their emotions rather than the issues and 12% believed that Americans are well informed.

Numerous polls and interviews conducted on the streets and various college campuses clearly indicates that a large majority of the American people are very uninformed about major issues. What they do know comes largely from the liberal main stream media that distorts and lies about most issues to begin with. It seems that only a small minority of Americans actually takes the time to do a little research to find out the truths about major issues and keep themselves informed.

In 2012, Conservative Video did a number of these surveys and found people knew nothing about who was running for office or what they stood for. Some thought Paul Ryan was black and a running mate for Obama and so on.

Our educational system has been dumbing down America. Our main stream media has been dumbing down America. Our social media has been dumbing down America. And look how our dumbed down America voted in 2008 and 2012!