72% of Small Business Owners Pick Romney–How Will You Vote?

This is it, folks. Today is Election Day, 2012. It seems like it’s been said about every election, but this is truly the most important presidential election in our lifetimes. This election will decide if we regain our standing as the world economic superpower, or we continue to fall down the rabbit hole to wonderland (also known as Greece).

This election is not only about independents, but base voters as well. This election is about the middle class and the wealthy, big business and small business, men and women, young and old. This election will set the course for every American, not just a particular voting block.

Pundits on both sides are trying to convince you to vote for the candidate they think is best. MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, Alex Wagner and Lawrence O’Donnell continue to race and gender bait; trying to tie anything Romney says into a pre-constructed narrative about Republican hatred of minorities and women. Ann Coulter, Laura Ingram, and Rush Limbaugh continue to dissect the liberal agenda with a scalpel, preaching to a choir and to the deaf ears of half the electorate. But how will you cast your vote?

Strip away everything else: the polls, the slogans, the mud-slinging and the opinion makers. If there is one person or type of person who’s opinion you trust, who would it be? For me, it’s small business owners; they are the drivers of the economy. Those of them who are successful clearly know what business needs in order to thrive.

That’s where Frank Duffy of Duffy Real Estate comes in. In an interview for Atlanta’s WGCL-TV, Duffy made a promise that if Romney is elected president, he will invest $50,000 into new hiring. According to WGCL, Duffy claims that he holds more trust in Mitt Romney when it comes to fostering an atmosphere that is friendly to small business. During the interview, Duffy said this:

“It’s about a $50,000 investment that we’re willing to make on these new agents. It’ll only happen if there’s a Republican in the White House after Wednesday. If there’s a President-Elect Romney, we’re willing to make that investment.”

If one business owner’s opinion is not enough, let’s broaden the scope a bit. According to a poll conducted on October 29th through November 1st, by Direct Capital, small business owners favor Romney by 44 percentage points. This is up from an August poll, conducted by Manta, in which Romney won by 35 percentage points.

The main issues on the minds of voters in this election cycle are the economy and jobs. Who better to inform your vote than those who run their own small businesses. That being said, it seems obvious that Mitt Romney is the unequivocal choice to pull us out of this economic disaster Obama calls a recovery. Let me know in the comments below, who you voted for and why. I would love to see where the (polite) discussion goes.

I’ll leave you with a Tweet from Michelle Obama: “If this is what the President can do in 4 years, imagine what he can do in twice the time.”

My thoughts exactly, Michelle.