71-Year-Old Man Kills Home Intruder with One Shot

When someone’s trying to break into your house, you don’t have to wait for the intruder to make his intentions clear to you. For all you know, he’s there to kill you and steal your valuables. You have a right to defend yourself, your family and your home.

This 71-year-old Columbus, Ohio man heard someone kick in the door to his house. Since he didn’t want to take any chances, the homeowner shot the man, killing him with just one shot. The Blaze reported:

A homeowner in Columbus, Ohio, told police a man kicked in his door, leaving him with no choice but to defend himself and his home. The 71-year-old retired man fired just one accurate and deadly shot at the suspect.

When police arrived, they found a man dead with a single gunshot wound on the elderly man’s porch. Officers also found what they said was a clear indication that someone tried to forcefully break into the home.

“Some guy broke into my house, and I shot him,” the man reportedly told a 911 operator after the scary incident.

Columbus Police Sergeant Rich Weiner told WBNS-TV, “Somebody kicks in your door and they’re coming in your house, you don’t have to wait for them to come in your house.”

Police spoke with the homeowner after the shooting and then allowed him to go home. However, the case will still be referred to a grand jury, police said.

Police did not release the identity of the alleged home intruder.

Why would something as clear cut as this self-defense case be referred to a grand jury? They found evidence of a break in, the door was kicked in, the homeowner shot and killed the guy, and the homeowner called it in to 911. There’s no reason to believe that this homeowner committed a crime. All the evidence points to home and self-defense. Perhaps the intruder was a black man, and the homeowner was a white man? Maybe the grand jury will decide that’s reason enough to prosecute the older man for a hate crime. Who knows?