65% of Small Businesses to See Rate Increases Due to Obamacare Rules

Under our socialist healthcare program, employers more than 50 full time employees are required to provide healthcare benefits to their workers.  Small businesses with 50 or fewer full time employees are not required to provide healthcare benefits but a number of them do.

But that may all be changing here soon according to a new report from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Office of the Actuary.  The report is predicting that 65% of small businesses (50 or fewer full time employees) will see increases to their health insurance costs affecting approximately 11 workers.  On the flip side, 35% may actually see a decrease in costs affecting around 6 million workers.  The report did not indicate how much the increases or decreases may be, only that they will likely happen.

Katie Pavlich with Townhall.com commented about the reported increases in healthcare costs for another 11 million Americans:

“In case it’s getting difficult to keep track, here’s a reminder of what Obamacare has done so far:

-Stripped millions of their previous health insurance plans they were promised they could keep

-Stripped millions of the doctors they were promised they could keep

-Stripped cancer patients of insurance and life saving treatments

-Increased healthcare premiums of millions of Americans

-Has expanded the welfare state

-Will kill at least 2.5 million jobs according to the Congressional Budget Office

-Has stifled innovation in the medical device industry thanks to the medical device tax

-Has stifled the economy, job growth and economic growth as a whole due to uncertainty.”

To her list I would add that Obamacare has allowed President Obama to trample on the First Amendment rights to freedom of religion for millions of Americans.  He is purposely forcing Christian business owners to go against their faith by providing free contraceptive and abortifacients to their employees.  He is also forcing Christians who purchase an exchange plan to help pay for abortions.  I truly believe that one of the main goals of Obamacare was to do away with the religious freedoms and rights we had and so far, it’s been very successful.

As for the 65% of small business owners, what are they going to do when their costs for healthcare go up?  How many of them can afford that additional expense in today’s struggling economy?

Many small business owners will be forced to make a decision between eliminating health benefits for their employees, reducing employees’ hours to less than 30 or to close their businesses down.  None of these options are palatable to the small business owners that will be affected, but Obama doesn’t care about them anyway.  He’s proven that time and again.