61% of Americans Think Obama is a Liar

Considering Obama’s war against our own military and his continual misleading of the American people, I believe that this title should be changed from Commander in Chief to Liar in Chief.

This would be fully supported by a recent poll conducted by Fox News.  Their poll indicated that 61% of Americans believe that Obama lies on most important matters.  Of that 60%, 37% said Obama lies most of the time and 24% said they believe that he lies some of the time.  Fifteen percent said Obama never lies and 20% said he lies only now and then.

When the results were broken down by political affiliation, I was surprised to see that only 60% of Republicans said Obama lies most of the time.  Perhaps more of a surprise was that 41% of Independents responded that they believe Obama lies most of the time.  This is significant because Obama has relied on the support of Independents, but that support base is steadily shrinking.  Not surprising was that only 13% of Democrats believe that Obama is lying most of the time.

Other breakdown figures on those that believe that Obama lies most of the time on important matters includes 12% of blacks, 16% of liberals, 31% of unmarried women and 34% of those under the age of 30.  The unmarried women and people under the age of 30, like Independents were also strong supporters of Obama and helped him win in 2008 and 2012.  With more of these groups believing his is lying on most important matters, it could reflect on how they vote in this year’s midterm elections.

What doesn’t make sense is that among the same support groups that say Obama is lying on most important matters, his approval rating has been slowly improving.  Last month, Obama’s approval rating among Independents was at a near record low of 26% but has now climbed to 32%.

It doesn’t make sense that a growing number of Independents believe Obama is lying most of the time on important matters and at the same time more of them are approving of his job performance.

There was another result in the poll that does cause me great concern.  Republican respondents were asked:

“I’m going to read a list of potential candidates for the 2016 Republican nomination. Please tell me which one you would like to see as the Republican presidential nominee.”

Chris Christie led the list with 15%, followed by Jeb Bush 14%, Rand Paul 14%, Paul Ryan 9%, Marco Rubio 8% and Ted Cruz 7%.  Neither Chris Christie nor Jeb Bush should be in the running for 2016.  Both of them are very bad choices for Republicans as they are both almost as liberal as their likely Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton who received 69% of the support of Democrats in the poll.

The one thing I glean from this and other polls is that the American people are confused and very misinformed on this year’s midterm elections and what politician is doing what.  It seems the vast majority of Americans listen to the liberal mainstream media’s lies and take the bait like a fish being reeled in to its doom.  Christians all over the nation need to be on their knees praying every day for our nation, our leadership and that God will intervene and raise up righteous leaders to bring our nation back from the brink of destruction and desolation.