6 Million Jews Versus 40 Million Americans

“Doublethink means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them.” – George Orwell

Doublethink is quite an achievement. It’s not only a very common, human way of thinking, but it has manifested as a political ideology as well. Of course I speak of liberalism. The entire liberal ideology is predicated on doublethink. On one hand, they have a set of beliefs which they claim to follow, while on the other hand, their behavior is indicative of something else entirely. For example, they claim to want free and fair elections, yet revile, and actively oppose voter identification laws, which would nearly ensure fair elections. They claim to be followers of science, but refuse to hear anything that would contradict their preconceived notions about global warming—sorry, climate change. Most egregiously, they claim to be the Party of feminism, yet they define women entirely by their vaginas. For example, the fight for “birth control.”

Ask any liberal woman what their top political issue is, and 99 times out of 100, they will tell you birth control, and abortion. Abortion and birth control are generally wrapped together in a convenient package. This package is called “women’s health,” and if I only listened to NPR, or MSNBC, I’d believe that it was the only thing that mattered to women. Birth control and abortion have so overwhelmed the political dialogue because of one simple reason: misdirection.

Think about it, you have an act (abortion) that is so repugnant that no one in their right mind would support it if they understood it. Add that to the fact that Democrats need the female vote, and you have a recipe for misdirection. This misdirection has many components, which when aggregated create the made-up Republican “war on women.” The Democrats fantasize about Republicans wanting women in the kitchen, pregnant, and making sandwiches. They claim that Republicans want to “turn back the clock.” That’s one of their favorites. They have so thoroughly convinced women that Republicans hate them that the Democrats are considered the Party of women. The reality is quite the opposite.

The Democrats are the Party of women’s reproductive systems. They are not the Party of women’s minds. The act of abortion is a truly evil thing, so to keep our thoughts away from the truth, the Left has redirected the issue to an amorphous “women’s health.” You see, when someone says Republicans are against abortion, it begs a further question, “why?” This question could lead to someone finding out the truth. However, when someone says that Republicans are against women’s health rights, the response is usually much more emotional. It connotes a disrespect for women. It stirs up emotions. These emotions keep people away from reality, which is exactly where the Left wants us.

If Democrats actually care about women, why do I only ever hear about reproductive rights? Why is a woman defined by her uterus? They care about votes; that’s it. Additionally, if Democrats are so protective of a woman’s right to choose, why not detail what she is choosing? Why not unemotionally explain what abortion is? No big deal. If abortion is indeed a woman’s right, why is the process of abortion kept so hidden? As the old adage goes, “out of sight, out of mind.”

Obamacare has continued the focus on women as defined by their uterus. This monstrosity of a law is kept alive by misdirection. Look over here! Free birth control! The Republicans don’t want you to have it! Meanwhile, nearly 1,000,000 infants are ripped apart every year under the guise of “women’s health.”

How long will it take for Americans to wake up, and see that they have been deceived? How long will it take before we look back, and realize what we’ve done? How long will it take for us to regard abortion with the same revulsion as we do the holocaust? Six million Jews were murdered under Hitler; 40 million Americans have been murdered under our leaders. Don’t tell me that abortion isn’t genocide. And we are being misdirected for political gain.