The 56th Annual Gomorrah Awards

Supposedly, a Grammy is awarded for creativity and uniqueness of music, “to recognize outstanding achievement in the music industry” [Wikipedia].

But to watch the awards ceremony itself is to very quickly see that that isn’t so; Grammys are in fact awarded to whichever band or singer or album has made the most money. It is a celebration of redundancy in today’s musical sound and the automation of that sound with a press of a few buttons on a computer to see which random generation sounds the most marketable. (Case in point: rappers and Skrillex have Grammy awards on their mantelpieces.)

Perhaps more than anything, the Grammy Awards are a celebration of the degeneracy of our culture, as people saw on Sunday during the 56th annual ceremony.

Of course there were the usual grotesque displays of obscene sexuality: Beyoncé, the strong feminist black woman who has devolved herself into nothing but a sex object, wore a two-piece (the bottom was a thong) covered over with mesh and a loose caging of leather belts and straps, bearing resemblance to a dominatrix. Katy Perry’s outfit, and those of her background dancers, looked like they were crafted by the same people who made Beyoncé’s, except Perry’s had a big, red Gothic cross on the front of it. The cross really stood out against the black mesh and the fishnet stockings as she and her dancers gyrated and spun around stripper poles, giving the whole scene a real sense of holiness.

But taking the disgusting cake was the “marriage” ceremony that took place at the Grammys.

Rapper-actress Queen Latifah (not an actual queen) took the stage with several other musical stars, including Madonna, to sing a pro-same-sex-marriage song as 33 couples, both gay and straight, got “married” in the audience.

Left-wing website The Atlantic had an uncharacteristically level-headed take of the occasion: “The main reason for the nuptials, it seemed, was to give the musicians on stage and recording-academy members a chance to announce themselves as good people.” The Atlantic also called the couples “props.”

Homosexuals are props, and they know it and they happily play the part of props. Celebrities didn’t care about them until same-sex “marriage” became trendy.

Unfortunately, it is celebrities who sway public opinion, a public that votes, and thus indirectly create our government’s policies. Because celebrities will always be with us, and because Republicans and conservatives alike show shameful cowardice in aggressively battling this degenerate culture, America’s future is bleak.