44,000 Voters Registered in Both Virginia and Maryland

Every time I write about cases of voter fraud, at least one liberal challenges me saying the instances are so few that they are insignificant and have no bearing on the elections.   But it seems that every month I read about new findings that just keep adding more and more evidence that voter fraud if far more widespread than liberals want to admit.

Nearly three weeks ago I wrote about thousands of cases of voter fraud that took place in North Carolina.  I reported that an audit revealed that 155,692 voters were registered in North Carolina and a number of other states and that 35,750 voters from North Carolina voted in that state and another state in the 2012 elections.

Here is yet another report that adds even more fuel to voter fraud fire and as we move closer to a very important mid-term election, it has to be a subject worth discussing.

Virginia Voters Alliance has identified 44,000 people who are registered to vote in Virginia and Maryland.  The group is now investigating to identify other Virginia voters that are registered in other nearby states such as Delaware, District of Columbia, Georgia, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and West Virginia.

Reagan George, President of Virginia Voters Alliance added:

“We are also determining the best way to identify non-citizens who have registered to vote and may have voted in past elections.”

“Dead voter registrations are prime targets for voter fraud which generate few complaints.”

The group first identified 31,000 registered voters that are dead by working with the Privileges and Elections committees of the state House and Senate and using Social Security Administration’s Death Master Record.  Further research increased the number of dead registered voters to somewhere between 40,000 to 60,000.

George added:

“Certain nonviolent felons, especially those who commit voter fraud, should never be given back their right to vote.”

“Virginia must control the registration process, as well as the form used to register voters. The current system is the perfect vehicle for identity theft and ‘lost’ registrations.”

“There needs to be a clearinghouse for all voter fraud referrals statewide.  The SBE would be the perfect place to assume that role and provide transparency for the public.”

George, along with Clara Belle Wheeler of the Albermarle County Election Board and Jay Delancy of the North Carolina Voter Integrity Project, are challenging the Virginia State Board of Elections to clean up the voter registration rolls and to take measures to prevent voter fraud at the polls.  The list includes:

  • Tighten Virginia’s voter ID law that allows absentee voters to use mailed ballots without affirming their identity.

  • Check the 50,000-plus patient beds in Virginia nursing homes and rehab centers amid reports of voting irregularities there.

  • Require proof of citizenship to register to vote. Kansas and Arizona require this.

  • Annually audit felons who are not allowed to vote.

After the reports from North Carolina and now Virginia, I would not be surprised to see the same types of problems in every state and US territory.  Thousands of people registering to vote in more than one state, thousands of dead people and non-citizens registered to vote and convicted felons.

Even if only a small percentage of them are engaged in voter fraud, that’s too much.  Too many Americans have sacrificed their lives and limbs to secure and protect the right to vote to allow it to be abused by anyone.  That’s why there needs to be tighter voter ID laws to make sure only the real person is voting and voting only once.  I would not be opposed to photo IDs and even finger print scanners being used at polls across the nation.  Just imagine how many votes Obama would not have had if these types of anti-voter fraud mechanisms been in place!