4 Armed Robbers Descend on Liquor Store; 2 Shot Dead by Store Clerk

The armed robbers thought they had it all under control. There’s no way this liquor store would be able to withstand a team of four armed robbers. They had already committed a series of armed robberies, and they probably thought they were on a roll. And they probably expected that the liquor store was another gun-free zone. But they had to learn the hard way. The Daily Caller reported:

A Tulsa liquor store clerk took on four masked men during an attempted robbery earlier this week, shooting and killing two and helping bring an end to a serial robbery ring.

The four assailants entered Ryan’s Liquor at around 10:30 p.m. on Tuesday, according to the Tulsa World. One of the men, 27-year-old Brian Powell, pulled out a handgun and fired a shot upon entrance and demanded money.

But the store clerk did not comply. Instead, he pulled out a semi-automatic pistol and fired it, hitting and killing Powell and 16-year-old Kevin Dobbs.

The two other men involved, 20-year-old Lakeit Thompson and 17-year-old George Williamson, fled the scene but were later arrested and charged with a variety of offenses, including armed robbery and felony murder.

Both Thompson and Williamson have been involved in previous robberies, police said.

Thompson is connected to eight robberies which have occurred since Dec. 7, according to his rap sheet. Williamson has been involved in three robberies.

The M.O. of the robberies has been the same — masked men enter a store wielding guns and demanding money.

Powell was on probation for a larceny conviction at the time of the failed robbery attempt.

Police recovered two handguns at the scene believed to have been used by the assailants.

The store clerk suffered no injuries. Witnesses backed his version of events, the Tulsa World reported.

This store clerk put an end to the series of armed robberies simply by using his own gun against them. Now, two are dead, and the other two are in jail. These robberies likely would have continued, and the police would have been powerless to stop them. This is why store clerks should be encouraged to carry to protect themselves from violent criminals. If the other clerks had been armed, then perhaps there would have been no string of attacks. There would have been simply one attempted armed robbery.