4 Armed Black Ferguson Residents Help Defend White-Owned Business from Looters

It seems that most of these Ferguson protesters aren’t actually from Ferguson. The real Ferguson residents don’t want to destroy their own town. They want to protect it from the riffraff drifting in.

armed ferguson residents

For this reason, four armed black Ferguson residents came to a business that happened to be owned and operated by a white family. These guys apparently had worked for this store, and they wanted to show their appreciation to the owner by providing armed security.

Here’s the Daily Caller:

The men told the Las Vegas Review Journal that they feel indebted to the white store owner, Doug Merello, who has given them employment over the years.

“We would have been burned to the ground many times over if it weren’t for them,” Morello said following the Ferguson riots. The business is a Conoco gas station and convenience store first bought by Morello’s father in 1984.

The black residents reportedly chased off groups of teenagers who allegedly wanted to loot the store. They also reportedly had a close-call after they were mistaken for looters by soldiers with the Missouri National Guard. One of the men was reportedly handcuffed temporarily until Morello could explain to the soldiers what they were doing at his business.

Luckily, they were able to protect the business and no one was hurt. It should also be noted that Missouri is an open carry state.

One of the men, who called himself R.J., said Morello has “helped us a lot” and referred to him as a “nice guy.” R.J., 28, reportedly openly carried a 9mm pistol. Another one of the courageous men, Jordan, also carried a pistol and another one was armed with an AR-15 rifle.

The Las Vegas Review Journal also reports that the men had to deal with a “commotion” that occurred inside the store. After Morello kicked him out, Sean Turner, one of the armed residents, reportedly showed his .40 caliber pistol and told the disruptive man, “This is what happens if you try to steal from this place.”

That kind of security is a lot more effective than deploying the National Guard or the local police. They’re basically looking for an altercation. Armed residents just want to prevent one from happening.