3 Of 4 Illegals Fail Written Driver’s Test

One of Obama’s numerous illegal executive orders was the one allowing a million illegal aliens to remain in the US illegally and go about their lives as if they were already US citizens.  Among the many privileges granted to them is the ability to obtain driver’s licenses.

The main reason Obama wants them to be able to obtain a driver’s license is that it is all they need to register to vote. Whether registering online or in person, all an illegal alien has to do is provide a driver’s license and then lie about their citizenship.  Then local Democrats will help pick them up and take them to the polls to cast their illegal ballots for every Democrat on the ticket.

A few states like Arizona passed laws forbidding Obama’s illegals from obtaining driver’s licenses or receiving any other state benefit.  However, eleven states are allowing the illegals to obtain either a driver’s license or driver’s authorization card.

Proponents of the driver’s authorization cards claim that many of the illegals already drive and that making them take the driver’s test and purchase auto insurance that it will make the roads safer.  I’ve got news for them, passing a law will not force many illegals to purchase insurance.  When I lived in Arizona, it was the law for anyone driving a vehicle to be covered by auto insurance, but I can’t tell you how many times we heard about uninsured illegals causing accidents, hurting and killing people.

But the paths to the voting booths are appearing a little rocky for a number of illegals who are so anxious to cast their illegal ballots for Obama’s amigos.  Since opening up their DMV offices to illegals last week, Nevada officials have seen lines of 300 or more illegals at many of their locations.  Some offices in Las Vegas, Reno and Carson City had to turn people away because their offices were filled beyond capacity.

Hundreds are lining up, but hundreds are also leaving empty handed.  Nevada officials say that about 75% of them failed the written test.  The test consists of 50 questions of which they have to answer 40 correctly.  The only reason given for their failure was lack of studying, but I suspect it was largely due to their lack of English skills.  Chances are many of them can’t read or write English or if they can it’s very limited.

Having lived in Arizona for 36 years I had numerous occasions to meet illegals and very few of them could speak English, let alone read it.  What always annoyed me is that I knew of third generation illegals living here that still did not speak English.  This is why millions of taxpayer dollars are spent every year printing everything in both English and Spanish.

When Americans move to other countries they are forced to learn the language, but when illegals come here to the US, we spend millions of taxpayer dollars so they don’t have to bother to learn OUR language.  When the people of Arizona and California voted overwhelmingly to make English the official language, liberal judges ruled it unconstitutional.  Another one of my pet peeves is when one judge with an agenda overrules the majority of the people.  It wouldn’t surprise me to see a liberal judge force states like Nevada to provide the tests in Spanish.

As far as I’m concerned, we should bring our troops back from Afghanistan and have them secure the border and help round up the 11 million illegals and send them back to the their home countries.  We should also bill the home countries of all of the illegals deported for all of the expenses incurred in capturing, detaining and transporting their people back to them.  Maybe then America won’t seem to be the paradise they think it is.