2016: Media Desperately Tries to Smear Ted Cruz 21 Months from Election Day

The problem with smear campaigns is that too often they work.” – Mark Shields

Remember the media frenzy over the revelation that Obama had done cocaine, and pot when he was in high school, and college? Neither do I. That’s because it didn’t happen.

I wonder why the media didn’t make a bigger deal out of it? Maybe they simply chalked it up to youthful indiscretion, or they realized that Obama having done something like that in the past wasn’t necessarily indicative of his leadership capability today. Or maybe it was because he had that magical “D” next to his name.

That simple letter has done so much to protect so many people over the years. It protected Teddy Kennedy’s Senatorial career, even after he left Mary Jo Kopechne to die in a submerged car, it has protected Bill Clinton from the many credible accusations of sexual assault and rape that have followed him throughout his career, and it protects all Democratic candidates from a litany of potential problems.

But what happens when you have an “R” next to your name? If you play by the rules of the game, you can be quite successful, but if you take a stand on conservative principles, God help you, because you will be mercilessly targeted.

As the debate rages to decide which “R” will run against presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, several names are beginning to stand out. Not Jeb Bush, or Lindsey Graham–they play by the rules–Scott Walker, Bobby Jindal, and most frequently, Ted Cruz. While Cruz may not be at the top of the Republican polls at the moment, he represents a great danger to the left. He is popular among the Tea Party, and conservatives because he does something few politicians do: he acts on his promises. But more than that, he is what the left loves to call a “firebrand.”

Google defines “firebrand” as “a person who is passionate about a particular cause, typically inciting change and taking radical action.” Ted Cruz fits that mold perfectly. He is indeed passionate about the constitution, and limited government. He has also taken what many see as radical action to bring about change–being the main instigator of the infamous government shutdown in the fall of 2013. He filibustered for 21 hours to stand against ObamaCare, like he promised he would.

He has also been extremely aggressive within his own Party, questioning the conservatism of many members of the Senate, and House. In other words, he has strong opinions, and he does what he promises he will do–unlike almost every other politician in Washington. Gasp!

Google lists several synonyms for “firebrand,” including “radical, revolutionary, agitator, rabble-rouser, incendiary, subversive, troublemaker.” These words describe how Washington views Cruz. He is a threat, not only to the left, but to those within his own Party. And because of this, he is a target. There have been hit jobs taken out on Cruz in the press ever since he was elected in 2012, but the closer we get to 2016, the worse they will become. The more he connects, and resonates with the American people, the more the beltway Republicans, and the Democrats will try to destroy him.

And so it begins. Buzzfeed recently reported that in 1987, as a high school senior, Cruz pleaded guilty to underage possession of alcohol. When applying for the job of Solicitor General in Texas, Cruz filled out a form in which this information was disclosed. According to Buzzfeed:

In an application for the position, accessed via a Texas Public Information request, Cruz listed among his references Supreme Court Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist whom he clerked for. The application also reveals Cruz’s past salaries as an attorney, his recent legal record, speeches, professional associations, and a 1987 guilty plea for possession of alcohol as a minor. An aide to Sen.Cruz said he was a senior in high school and got pulled over and they found an unopened case of beer and he received a ticket.

Cruz issued a statement to Buzzfeed, saying “Teenagers often make foolish mistakes, and that certainly applied to me as well.”

The Daily Mail Online reported that they recently “asked spokespersons for 10 likely Republican presidential candidates whether their bosses had ever lit up doobies, smoked bongs or otherwise tried weed. Seven of them responded.”

A spokesperson for Ted Cruz responded affirmatively, saying: “Teenagers are often known for their lack of judgment, and Sen. Cruz was no exception…When he was a teenager, he foolishly experimented with marijuana. It was a mistake, and he’s never tried it since.”

So, what do we have? When he was a teen, Ted Cruz drank, and smoked pot. Given that this occurred many years ago, and he was a TEENAGER, what’s the big deal? Oh wait–he’s a conservative. UNELECTABLE!

This is just the beginning. The more afraid the establishment Republicans, and the left become of Ted Cruz, the deeper these inquiries will go, the farther reaching they will be, and the more outlandish they will become. Even though Cruz admitted to smoking pot, and drinking underage, future attacks could easily be made up of pure speculation, and anonymous witness accounts published nationally in The New York Times, and online.

According to a piece from The Daily Beast in August of 2013, Cruz was described as “creepy” by as many as four people!

…several fellow classmates who asked that their names not be used described the young Cruz with words like “abrasive,” “intense,” “strident,” “crank,” and “arrogant.” Four independently offered the word “creepy,” with some pointing to Cruz’s habit of donning a paisley bathrobe and walking to the opposite end of their dorm’s hallway where the female students lived.

Craig Mazin, Cruz”s Freshman roommate at Princeton had the following to say regarding the alleged bathrobe behavior:

I would end up fielding the [girls”] complaints: “”Could you please keep your roommate out of our hallway?”

So that’s it. Cruz may have wandered over to the girls side of the hallway as a college Freshman, and some (forever unnamed) girls may have been kind of weirded out by it. Wow, that’s just awful. Once again: UNELECTABLE!

A piece by Tom Bevin of Real Clear makes the case against The Daily Beast hit job.

Of the four individuals who were willing to speak to Daily Beast reporter Patricia Murphy on the record, two had very flattering things to say of Cruz, one had moderately negative recollections of Cruz being overly self-assured in his political views, and one (Mazin) was harshly critical of Cruz. Yet the sharply negative view of Cruz is the one that dominates Murphy’s story, serving as both the lead and the conclusion.

Bevin also notes that Mazin is now a Hollywood script writer, if that’s any indication of his leanings–leanings which might impact his recollections, and offerings to The Daily Beast.

Additionally, Craig Mazin clearly did not like Ted Cruz, telling The Daily Beast “We should be afraid that someone like that has power…I would rather have anybody else be the president of the United States. Anyone…I would rather pick somebody from the phone book.”

I would wager to say that such disdain might make someone say things that aren”t necessarily true, but not easily rebutted because of their nature as heresay. At best, Mazin”s testimony regarding Cruz is quite weak.

More than that, The Daily Beast piece offers recollections by unnamed sources. In other words, people who either don”t exist, or very likely people who don”t want their names published because they are lying.

These smears will continue, and they will get worse. The media will hype Cruz’s pot smoking because he’s conservative. Headlines will read “Cruz: Do As I Say, Not As I Do,” and “Hypocrite In The White House?

They wouldn”t care if a Democrat smoked pot in the actual White House, because Democrats don”t have any morally based policy positions other than giving a woman the “right” to slaughter her infant in the womb, and giving licenses to illegal immigrants.

The Left, and all of Cruz’s enemies, will scrounge the gutters for any possible indiscretion from his past, and it will replay over, and over on all the news channels, and papers, and websites until it has reached saturation. By Election Day of 2016, if Cruz is the nominee, he will have become a pariah; he will have been smeared so much as to be unrecognizable. Just you watch. It’s already begun, and we”re 21 months away from Election Day.

But here”s the thing: Cruz knows this, and he is certainly prepared. He freely admitted to smoking pot, and that immediately burned the hype away. Cruz isn”t stupid. As The Daily Mail wrote: “…most of his early history is that of a brilliant overachiever: debating champion at Princeton, honors graduate from Harvard Law School, co-founder of the Harvard Latino Law Review.”

Ted Cruz is a brilliant fighter, and not one to fear a good scorching from the liberal media. Some might even call him a fireproof firebrand.