2012 Best Year Ever?

When you look around at the world today, do you see everything being the best it’s ever been in history?

Do you see today’s economic status as the best it’s ever been?  What about the job market and home foreclosures?  What about a recent survey that showed that today’s generation is not as well off as their parent’s generation?

Are all of these indicators of 2012 being the greatest year ever?

According to The Spectator, 2012 was the greatest year in history.  What criteria did they use? They use three indicators to determine that this was the best year in the history of mankind: hunger, disease and prosperity.

They claim that fewer people in the world are going hungry than ever before in history. Through different programs, many involved with United Nations, for getting more food to people in some of the poorest areas of the world.

They claim that the number of serious diseases are at the lowest point in the history of man. Again this is attributed to programs through the United Nations and other health organizations that have brought doctors and medicines to the poorest areas of the world.

They claim that the world in general is more prosperous now than it ever has been. Supposedly the socialist concept of sharing the wealth is making an impact on the poorest areas of the world.

When I read this report I couldn’t help but ask myself what drugs these people are on or what they are smoking to make them see such a rosy picture of 2012.

How can the world be more prosperous when so many countries are on the brink of economic collapse? Greece and several other European nations should have already folded if it weren’t for all the bailouts by the European Union. The United States, once the most prosperous nation in the world, is also on the brink of an economic collapse.

Despite everything going on today I want to point out that there was a time in history where conditions were far better off than they are now. Approximately 6016 years ago, a man and a woman found themselves living in the most beautiful and luscious place on earth. There was zero hunger. There was absolutely no disease. And no one could have been any richer than they were since they were given the entire world as their own.

But the man and the woman got greedy and decided to do things their way. They brought sin, disease, and death into a perfect world. From that point on everything was corrupted and nothing was ever as good as it was then.