19 Year Old Christian Girl With Knife at Her Throat Forced to Convert to Islam

Imagine being a 19 year old Christian girl who was picking corn in the fields near your home when suddenly you are captured by two gunman that belong to a group of radical Islamic terrorists.  They tell you that you are going to be their domestic slave doing cleaning and preparing meals for the terrorists.  If you cry, they beat you.  If you speak, they beat you.  While captive, you are used as bait to lure other Christians to their traps where they are savagely attacked and have their throats slit.  Your captors continually demand that you convert to Islam, but you refuse until one day, they place a knife at your throat and tell you convert or die.  After watching these men slit the throats of other Christians, you know they will carry out their threat and you are terrified beyond belief.

What would you do?

This isn’t a make believe story, but the true account of a young Nigerian Christian girl by the name of Hajja. She endured her terrifying ordeal for three months as a captive of the Boko Haram terrorist group.  The name of the group roughly translates ‘western education is sinful.’  They are pushing for Nigeria to become an Islamic country ruled by strict sharia law.

Currently, most of northern Nigeria is dominated by Muslims, while most of the Christians live in the southern part of the country.  However, Boko Haram terrorists have been actively attacking Christians and Christian villages that still exist in the northern and central regions of the nation.  They slaughter some of the people to strike terror into the hearts of other Christians so that they can more easily force them to convert to Islam.

Fortunately for Hajja, she managed to escape from her captors after three months of tortuous cruelty.  She still has family living in the northern regions of Nigeria, so her last name has been withheld for their safety.  She now resides in the nation’s capital of Abuja where she hopes she will be safer, but her life will never be the same again.

After several years of Boko Haram’s terrorist activities, the US State Department has finally decided to label them as a Foreign Terrorist Organization.  They acknowledge that the Boko Haram is responsible for thousands of deaths in Nigeria, but they conveniently label the victims as civilians when the majority have been Christians.

Tiffany Lynch, a senior policy analyst for the US Commission on International Religious Freedom told Fox News:

“Boko Haram’s attacks against Christians, along with continued Muslim-Christian communal violence, threaten to exacerbate existing Muslim-Christian mistrust and divide, undermine Nigeria’s fledgling democracy, and the future stability of this important U.S. ally.”

Note that Lynch describes Nigeria as an important US ally.  Herein lies the reason that the US has been so reluctant to say or do anything about the violent slaughter of thousands of Christians.  After all, they can’t let the lives of thousands of Christians interfere with their valued relationship with their important ally, can they?  If it were the other way around and Christians were slaughtering thousands of Muslims, the US would get involved in a heartbeat to protect their Muslim allies.

Don’t forget the word ‘Islam’ in a general context supposedly relates to wholeness, safeness and peace.  In a religious context, it means ‘voluntary submission to God or Allah.’  Note that most Muslims, especially radical ones like Boko Haram fail to live up to the ‘voluntary’ part of the religious definition or the ‘safeness and peace aspects of the general context.  Doesn’t it make you feel all nice and fuzzy inside knowing that your kids and grandkids are being taught in public schools just how nice and wonderful Islam is?