17-Year-Old Shoots Intruder who Broke into Grandfather’s House

This 77-year-old Florida grandfather Robert Shuster hadn’t ever locked his doors in the 30 years he had lived in his current house. That’s all changing now that he had some kid walk in through his front door in the middle of the night around 2 a.m. At first he and his wife thought it was his grandson, but then they realized it was someone he didn’t recognize. He ordered his 17-year-old grandson Neal to get his 9mm handgun.

When he returned armed, Neal instructed the intruder to get out or get shot. Instead of backing away and leaving the house, the intruder, identified as 21-year-old Reagan Quade, decided it would be worthwhile to become aggressive. When he grabbed Neal’s arm, the older man told him to shoot the intruder. Neal shot him in the stomach, and the wounded suspect fell to the floor.

He’s now being treated in the hospital where he’s expected to recover. When he does recover, he’ll be charged with burglary. WESH Orlando reported:

An Orlando teen is being called a hero after shooting an intruder in his grandparents’ home, according to police.

Investigators said Reagan Quade, 21, burst through the Shuster family’s door Sunday morning.

“I just heard the door slam shut at 2 a.m. and I knew that wasn’t right,” said 17-year-old Neal Shuster.

Neal Shuster’s wheelchair-bound grandmother, Linda Shuster, said it took her a moment to realize what was happening.

“It dawned on me, that is not Neal. And neither of us could do anything to help,” she said.

Linda’s disabled husband, Robert Shuster, said he gave his grandson clear instructions on what to do when Quade allegedly charged at the teen.

“I said, ‘Neal, shoot him. Don’t let him hurt you,’” Robert Shuster said.

“He’s grabbing me, and my grandpa is yelling, ‘Shoot him.’ So I shot him,” Neal Shuster said.

The teen shot an unarmed Quade in the stomach and then called 911, police said.

Quade, who is expected to survive, was taken to a hospital and placed into a medically induced coma. He is charged with burglary.

“When someone comes in like that. You don’t know what to do,” Linda Shuster said. She and her husband believe that without their grandson the worst could have happened.

“I’m just glad he’s here,” Robert Shuster said.

Neal Shuster said he simply did what he needed to do.