15 Years Ago, ABC News Went Undercover and Exposed Biomedical Industry’s Fetal Tissue and Organ Harvesting Secrets

While it’s great that the Center for Medical Progress continues to release their undercover videos of Planned Parenthood personnel discussing the sale of fetal tissue and organs, it turns out that this practice has gone on probably for decades without much attention.

Way back in 2000, when Chris Wallace was a much younger and leaner man who worked for ABC News, he did a segment where some of his producers went undercover as potential investors and exposed a company’s practice of marketing and selling aborted babies and/or their body parts. Instead of wine and salad, it was lobster bisque and roast duck.

Dr. Miles Jones, the head of this particular biomedical company Opening Lines, said that even though the average fetal tissue or organ might cost his firm about $50 dollars, he would charge on average about $250 for each sample. He could make upwards of about $2,500 on a whole aborted baby, especially when parts were sold separately.

Dr. Jones did time in prison for tax evasion and eventually died in 2013.

This segment that Wallace did shows a couple things. First, this has been going on for a long time, and is probably way more widespread now than we think. Second, I’m sure Dr. Jones and his firm were angry with ABC News for their sneaky undercover operation, but nothing came of it. Nowadays, the Center for Medical Progress is being targeted for criminal activity, even though Planned Parenthood are the ones butchering unborn babies and selling off their parts to the highest bidder. It’s not that they actually think CMP are “violent extremists” or that they’re actually guilty of any crimes. It’s that Planned Parenthood is livid over being exposed by CMP. They want revenge.

Fifteen years ago, Opening Lines probably didn’t have the clout needed to go after a giant news organization like ABC. But Planned Parenthood does have the clout, and they won’t hesitate to pull out all the stops to get back at those who dared expose them for what they really are.