$15 Minimum Wage Group Wants to Pay Employees $12.25

In their defense, they said they’d start out paying $12.25, and after 90 days, they’d raise the pay to $15. But still. You’ve got to admit this is a little ironic. A group that’s affiliated with one of the largest unions in the country (AFL-CIO), who campaigns for a $15-per-hour minimum wage, needs to hire someone, and they’re paying only $12.25 an hour.

The job posting was a Facebook advertisement and was seen by Cody McLaughlin who happens to work at a Portland PR firm. He responded to the ad, asking how much they pay. The Daily Caller reported:

The advertisement was for a job opening at the advocacy group Working America. The group was looking to hire field managers to launch a grassroots effort to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. For his own amusement, McLaughlin asked if it paid $15 an hour.

“Hi Cody! Our field organizing positions start at $12.25 per hour,” Working America replied. The group did note though, “After 90 days of employment the pay increases to $15 per hour.”

Not long after, the comment began attracting attention, which prompted the group to delete it, which McLaughlin felt was when it crossed the line. Though his motivation was to be funny, he notes he was open to a serious debate. To him, deleting the comment only served to hurt the dialogue.

“Then they deleted my comment,” he noted. “The reason I got into politics is because I want to hear both sides.”

“I think there are merits to each side’s argument,” McLaughlin continued. “I commented mostly for my own amusement, but I would be willing to debate it.”

I’m sure what happened was when they first got the inquiry from McLaughlin, they thought they might have a potential worker. But when they saw that it was just some guy pointing out their comical hypocrisy, which attracted unwanted attention, they deleted his comment and didn’t respond to anyone’s remarks. “Only serious job seekers wanted.”

If they don’t like the unwanted attention, they should stay true to their alleged platform, which is presumably that they want the government to mandate that employers pay their employees at least $15 an hour. If they can’t afford to do that themselves, then perhaps they should rethink their platform. Otherwise, they should get used to the ridicule.