As Few as 11% of Obamacare Enrollees Previously Uninsured

When Obama, Reid and Pelosi were pushing Obamacare through Congress, they kept telling us that this needed to be passed so that all of the 30+ million uninsured Americans will have insurance.  Remember that?

The White House is claiming that 6 million Americans have already enrolled in Obamacare, but we already know that those figures are bogus and inaccurate.  But even if we accept Obama’s 6 million enrollees figure, new surveys are indicating that it has still failed its intent of insuring the millions of previously uninsured Americans.

One survey conducted by McKinsey & Co, found that only 389 people out of 4,563 that were considered eligible for healthcare through the marketplace had actually enrolled.  The other 4,174 gave various reasons for not signing up.  Fifty-nine percent of them said it was a matter of affordability while 30% blamed it on technical challenges they encountered during the process.

The figure that stands out the most in their survey was that only 11% of the people that actually purchased coverage had been previously uninsured.  Extrapolate that out to Obama’s 6 million and you find that only 660,000 of the 6 million were previously uninsured.  That’s only 2.2% of the 30 million previously uninsured that Pelosi said would be covered.

Another survey was conducted by Texas based HealthMarkets who questioned 7,500 people who had enrolled in exchange healthcare programs.  They found that only 35% of the enrollees were previously uninsured.  Forty percent already had individual policies, 15% had individual policies that had been cancelled, and 10% had employer provided plans, many of which had been dropped by the employer.

A third survey was conducted by Michigan based Priority Health who questioned 1,000 enrollees.  They found that 25% were previously uninsured, 25% had employer provided plans (no reason given for change) and 50% already had individual coverage.

The same trend seems to be holding for those signing up for Medicaid coverage.  Sean Trende of Real Clear Politics looked at the Medicaid enrollee figures and found that the majority of new enrollees were already eligible under previous law and were not signing up in the states that had expanded the Medicaid eligibility.

So if the purpose of Obamacare was to insure the uninsured, it’s failing miserably.  Due to this and other failings of Obamacare, a growing number of people are beginning to believe that all of these failures, including the lack of insuring the uninsured will eventually lead to the repeal of Obamacare.  The question is, what will it be replaced with.