10 Year Old Jailed for Toy Gun

If a 10 year old boy pointed a gun that had an orange tip on it, would you think the gun was real or just a toy?

Evidently, that doesn’t matter to the officials at Douglas MacArthur Elementary School in Alexandria, Virginia.  A 10 year old fifth-grade boy took a toy gun to school in his book bag and showed it to other kids on the school bus on the way home from school.  The next morning, the police were waiting and found the toy gun in his backpack.  The boy was arrested and taken to the juvenile detention center and later released to his parents.

Dr. Morton Sherman, Superintendent of Alexandria City Public Schools told a local news reporter that the boy has been suspended from school at this time and that they are contemplating whether or not to expel him from the school.

Once again, I feel that school officials are overreacting to kids being kids.  Boys have been playing with toy guns for hundreds of years.  They play cops and robbers, cowboys and Indians (in my day) and war.  We used to play war using the little plastic army men.  We’d each have our own fort or territory and would line the army men up the way we wanted.  Then we would each have a box of rubber bands and use them to shoot down the army men.  Last one with men standing won the war.  OH OH!  Does that mean rubber bands will be banned from schools and kids will be arrested and hauled off to juvey for possessing dangerous rubber bands?

Our whole country has gotten hyper hysterical and out of control, thanks to the liberal media and the Obama propaganda campaign to make all guns evil and illegal.  I say it’s time for educators and others to get real and remember what they were like when they were 10 or 6 years old.  How would they have felt if they had been humiliated in front of all their peers by being hauled off by the police all because of a toy?  Yet, these are the same educators that won’t fail a student because it will damage the kids’ self-esteem.  Talk about a double standard!