10 Dead in Another Gun-Free Zone Shooting

Contrary to what liberals are trying to convince people of, this Oregon community college was in fact a gun-free zone. Well, for most people. If you’re a criminal dead set on killing as many people as possible, carry as many guns as you want. Chris Harper-Mercer apparently had four guns on him, even though the campus prohibited firearms.


Even the school’s lone security guard was unarmed.

The murderer reportedly asked people if they were Christians. If they responded that they were, they were shot in the head. If they didn’t respond, or if they said that they weren’t Christians, they were shot in the legs.

During the shooting, ten people were murdered, and seven were injured, including a military vet who ended up being shot around five times trying to save others. Despite being shot multiple times, he’s in the hospital, expected to recover.

Harper-Mercer was eventually taken down, not by scissors or a bunch of thrown books, but by the police, who shot him with their guns.

Right on cue, Obama took to the podium to voice his disgust for lax gun laws. He said that Americans have become numb to mass shootings, and that his responses have become routine.

He thinks the problem is that the gun laws are too lax. What gun law, short of a universal ban, would have prevented what this guy did at Umpqua Community College? Even a complete ban on firearms wouldn’t have been able to prevent it. The murderer knew that what he was doing was illegal. Why would he care what the laws were? He wouldn’t. In fact, as long as students, faculty, and the administration all followed campus rules, the murderer could kill more people. If there had been just one rule-breaker who brought a gun on campus for self-defense purposes, he could have prevented a mass shooting. Of course, if that had happened, we likely would not have heard about the incident. “Concealed Carrier Prevents School Mass Shooting” doesn’t make for a great major media headline. And Obama would pretend he hadn’t heard of the incident.