Wisconsin Police Chief Wants Residents to Voluntarily Have Their Homes Searched for Guns

In an effort to “raise awareness” of “gun violence,” the police chief in Beloit, Wisconsin is asking residents to voluntarily subject their homes to police searches in order to locate guns.

How does this exactly “raise awareness?” I have no idea, but the police chief seems to think it’s a good idea. I think it’s just an excuse to search people’s homes. Maybe it’s a training exercise. The Blaze reported:

Police in Beloit, Wisconsin, want residents to volunteer to let officers search their homes for firearms as part of a new initiative that officials believe will help reduce gun violence.

Beloit Police Chief Norm Jacobs told Wisconsin Public Radio that officers will mostly be looking for guns in homes that residents might not even be aware of.

“That’s really what we’re looking for. Maybe we’ll find a toy gun that’s been altered by a youngster in the house — and we know the tragedies that can occur there on occasion,” he added.

Jacobs also told WPR that “gun violence is as serious as the Ebola virus.” The home searches, he argued, are similar to a vaccine to strengthen the city’s immune system, the report stated.

That being said, the police chief admitted he isn’t anticipating a stampede of residents eager to have their homes searched.

In 2014, there have reportedly been seven gun-related homicides in Beloit. Most victims have been teenagers or men in their 20s.

Writing for Breitbart, AWR Hawkins added:

According to Wisconsin Public Radio (WPR), Jacobs asked for volunteers because that’s how he has seen healthcare providers handle viral outbreaks. WPR quoted Jacobs saying: “Gun violence is as serious as the Ebola virus is represented in the media, and we should fight it using the tools that we’ve learned from our health providers.”

Jacobs also contends that education would end gun violence. He cites the fact that four of the seven victims of homicides in Beloit in 2014 “were teenagers or young men in their 20s.” He adds, “pretty much all those kids and young men need is just to be educated.”

Jacobs said he’s seen “25-year-old men” who can “barely read on a fifth grade level… but they know how to work a gun.” 

He hopes city residents will volunteer to have police come and go room-to-room, drawer-to-drawer, closet-to-closet, to search for guns and raise awareness of the seriousness of “gun violence.”

I think I can safely say that only an idiot would voluntarily open up his house to police search. I hope no one agrees to do this.

I know this is only one small town, but it’s likely happening elsewhere as well. Right now, it’s “voluntary,” like police car searches used to be. Now, if you don’t consent to a car search, that’s probable cause that you’ve committed a crime, in which case they have to search your car to find the contraband that you’re obviously trying to hide. If they can’t find any, then obviously you’ve done a really good job hiding it.

At what point will these “voluntary” police home searches become mandatory? The fact that this police chief compares “gun violence” to the Ebola virus, and police searches to the “vaccine” that will prevent gun violence in the future suggests that he believes gun violence should be treated like a deadly disease that can only be stopped or contained with forced vaccinations and quarantines. In that situation, people won’t be able to opt out of getting the vaccine or being quarantined.

If “gun violence” is an epidemic, then at some point, these voluntary home searches will become mandatory. Trying to refuse a home search will be akin to trying to refuse a vaccine, and those who try to resist will be looked at the same as vaccine opponents.