Wendy Davis Tries To Hold A Gun

“The petty man is eager to make boasts, yet desires that others should believe in him. He enthusiastically engages in deception, yet wants others to have affection for him. He conducts himself like an animal, yet wants others to think well of him.” – Xun Zi

The Democratic Party is sorely lacking in candidates. They have been for quite some time. Actually, there aren’t lacking in candidates so much as they are lacking in candidates who run on more than one issue. They have these champions of women’s rights, or gun control, or anti-war rhetoric, but they don’t have many candidates who offer complexity. Maybe that’s because they don’t need complexity to win.

The Democratic Party thrives on simplicity. Simplicity of chants, and slogans gin up liberal voters. When you can get people to vote for you with “Bush lied, kids died,” or “my body, my choice,” why would you ever campaign on actual, substantive material? This slogan-based campaigning has paved the way for two candidates: Wendy Davis, and Sandra Fluke.

Let’s start with Davis. Wendy Davis has placed her entire campaign on the shoulders of abortion rights. She is the definition of a one issue candidate. This normally wouldn’t be much of a problem for a liberal, but since her campaign has gained such vibrant national attention, conservatives have been able to strike. Davis has had a surge of issues come up, most notably lies in her official biography. The attention being paid to her candidacy has forced Davis to attempt an expansion of her platform beyond “my body, my choice.”

According to Frances Martel:

“Wendy Davis has plenty of scandal on her plate: the biographical lies, the ethics investigation, the seemingly years-long loyalty to the Republican Party. Last week, she suddenly revealed that she was campaigning on a pro-gun rights platform, but her photo-op with a gun earlier this week is not doing her any favors.”

Wendy Davis—despite receiving an F from the NRA—is claiming to be a gun rights advocate. She has stated that she wants to make it easier to carry a gun. She even posed with a gun, but her unsteady hands betrayed her unfamiliarity with the weapon.

Wendy Davis is a one note cowgirl, and nothing she does will fix her image. Now it seems that Sandra Fluke is planning a run for Henry Waxman’s vacated seat. If there is one woman who is more of a one note cliche candidate than Wendy Davis, it’s Fluke. Sandra “turn back the clock” Fluke should look to Davis to avoid making the same mistakes.

These women will do everything they can to deceive the American people, whether it’s falsely advocating for gun rights, or claiming Republicans want to steal your birth control. They openly deceive, and want praise in return. They’re both hacks who deserve to lose, and lose by a wide margin.