Video: Two Blacks Viciously Beat up White Woman Because She Was in the “Wrong Hood”

What this video lacks is context. All you see is the white woman exiting a convenience store somewhere in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and then getting pummeled and kicked in the head by a black man and woman. We don’t know what sparked the attack, but you can hear one of them yell at her: “Wrong hood, b*tch!”

Who knows what this woman did to deserve this attack. Maybe she didn’t do anything. Perhaps it was just that she was white and in the “wrong” neighborhood. But does that warrant getting beat up like this?

The Milwaukee Police Department says that they’re aware of the video, but that they didn’t see in their records that anyone called to report about it. So, there probably isn’t really anything they could do at this point anyway.

But we all know that if it had been a white man and woman beat up a black woman while yelling at her, “Wrong hood, b*tch!” the national news would get a hold of the footage and tell their millions of viewers to keep an eye out for those racist attackers and to help the police identify them so that they could be properly hanged for their hate crimes. Even though it may have not been reported, the Milwaukee PD would find those two whiteys in record time. How long do you think we’d have to put up with riots in the interim?