Texas School Trying to Cover Itself Over Report of Girls Made to Wear Burquas

Two weeks ago I reported on a high school in Lumberton, Texas that forced some girls to wear Muslim burquas as part of a class assignment on Islam.  The lesson is one of many questionable parts of the CSCOPE curriculum that has infiltrated at least 80% of Texas schools.

CSCOPE is a very liberal anti-American and anti-Christian curriculum that seems bent on undermining American history, patriotism and our Christian foundations.  It teaches that the Boston Tea Party was an act of terrorism, Allah is God Almighty, and encourages students to design flags for our new socialistic nation.

In a lesson plan in Lumberton, the CSCOPE lesson was on Muslim women who are being liberated from their centuries old customs.  In one class, some of the girls were told to wear the traditional burqas, the dark full length dresses and head covering.  Several students reported that the lesson seemed more like Muslim propaganda as the teacher told them that she was going to change their perception of Islam.  Another student reported the teacher told them they were not to refer to them as terrorists anymore, that they should be referred to as freedom fighters.

When parents found out about the lesson, some of them were quite upset, as I would have been and the complaints started flowing in to the school.  Once the school realized that they had done wrong and offended students and parents, they did what all kids do, try to cover their butts however they can.

In this case, the school forced the girls involved to sign waivers for their participation in the class after the fact.  Even though the students are underage and legally not allowed to sign any legal document, the school mandated that they do so, and without parental knowledge or consent.

Madelyn McLemore, one of the students involved reported the incident to her parents.  She said that she felt like the school had pressured her into writing an incident report concerning what had happened.  She was so upset that she called her mother from the bathroom at the school and she was in tears.  She told her mom that she had been dismissed from school for the rest of the day in such a way that she felt like she was being punished.

Her mother, April LeBlanc told WND:

“I asked the principal why she thought it was okay to take a written statement from my daughter without me present? She stated to us that it is a normal procedure they do at Lumberton High School when incidents occur. They have children sign statements all the time without parents present; that it is their procedure. I told her that it was not ok and that this was not a typical ‘incident’ like a classroom skirmish or a disobedient student.”

“The principal eventually told me that it could have been handled better, and that she probably should have called the parents.”

Looks to me like the school got caught violating the civil rights of the students and parental authority.  Rather than admit they were wrong and work towards making amends and repairing the damages that have been done, they act like the kids they are supposed to be preparing for responsible adulthood.  Perhaps some legal action on the part of the parents who had their parental authority usurped by the school administrators would bring them to their senses and teach them some responsibility.