Why Teachers Suck

Public school is a place where too-busy or too-uncaring parents send their kids so they can learn how to someday catch a venereal disease.

I suppose that’s a bit insensitive of me, ignoring the other goals of public school: the undermining of parental authority, the disregard of traditional family values, disrespect of Christianity, etc.

But truly one of the results of public schooling is that more people will get AIDS one day. “Your prospective sexual partner has HIV? Here, wear a condom! It’ll work maybe!” “Homosexual sodomites spread disease with their promiscuity? Respect them!”

RethinkingSchools.org is a radical-Left website that doesn’t mind teaching kids how to spread disease as long as it’s in the name of tolerance and other such hokum.

“Despite the recent advances in LGBTQ rights,” write the editors, “most schools aren’t safe for queer students. In a recent survey, six out of 10 LGBTQ teens said they felt unsafe at school and 82 percent had been verbally harassed because of their sexual orientation.”

“Aren’t safe” and “felt unsafe” are not the same thing, first off.

Also, six out of 10 “queers” feel unsafe wherever they go because the Left tells them that society is unsafe for them. They want them to be afraid. As long as queers are afraid, the Left can offer them safety. Vote for Democrats, you queers, and you will be safe in our all-inclusive, infinitely loving utopia.With a message like that—with the rousing of fear being the intention of that message—what’s wrong or unexpected or unacceptable that six out of 10 queers feel unsafe in schools? I’m surprised it isn’t 10 out of 10.

And 82 percent said they have been verbally harassed (read: made fun of) for having an affinity for sausage frottage? Cry me an AIDS river. One hundred (100) percent of people who have ever worn glasses have been “verbally harassed” (made fun of) for wearing them. Redheads, too. It’s no longer trendy to make fun of queers; most people are afraid to do it because of the societal backlash that comes with it. But making fun of redheads is completely acceptable. (I’m not complaining, by the way. I’m a redhead and I’m okay with the mockery. How can I expect anybody with clear enough vision not to make fun of gingers? Most of us are grotesque.)

And 100 percent of humans have been made fun of for something. It’s part of life. You shouldn’t try to stop people from being offended or feeling emotional pain in life. Since pain is inevitable, shielding kids from it prevents them from ever learning how to cope with it, and that leads to the development of psychological complexes later in life.

RethinkingSchools’ solution, as if there should be one, to stop anti-LGBTQQIIAA+ bullying is for teachers to “invite kids to talk openly and ask questions about gender and sexuality.” Solid education, that. How could it possibly be that American children fall far behind other countries when it comes to intelligence?

Having Q&A sessions with young students is “a critical key to building community where no one is silenced”—except for bullies, though, right? We can silence people who say things that offend us, right?—”where everyone’s reality is recognized and valued.”

Why is our education system so screwed up? Why are our kids so screwed up? Because each of their realities, even the contradicting ones, the mutually exclusive ones, is validated by our awful, awful teachers. They tell us not to shame homosexuals out of their STD-spreading behavior but to encourage it. They tell us that there are no wrong answers in life.

Oh, how I loathe teachers!