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Democrats’ Desperate Measures to Steal Elections


The Democrats seem to be in more of a panic mode than ever going into the 2014 midterm elections. There are a number of reports of intentional voter fraud or illegal voting practices by Democrats that indicate what extreme measures

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Chicago Implements Shorter Yellow Lights to Increase Their Red Light Ticket Revenue

yellow light

They’ve shortened the yellow lights ever so slightly, but you might be surprised by how much revenue has increased, because the red light cameras were catching people turning in an intersection while the light turned red. That counts as a

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Chicago Crime Rate Goes Down After Illinois Gun Bill Passed...Coincidence?

concealed carry 4

The police department is claiming that the reason crime has gone down since their gun bill was passed is simple. It’s that they’ve been doing great police work in getting guns off the streets and out of the wrong hands.

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ISIS Ready to Attack... in Chicago?


WGN Chicago ran a news report on Thursday night that should be of great concern to all Americans. It seems that there are indications that ISIS terrorists are already here in the USA and waiting to make a move against

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Chicago Concealed Carrier Saves a Life

concealed carry

I’m sure he saved others’ lives as well, but he at least saved his own. If it hadn’t been for Illinois’ recent gun law, a couple people could have become statistics in Chicago’s never-ending violence. The Chicago Tribune reported: A

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Chicago Government School Prom Slogan: “This is Are Story”

are story

Yes, there’s something wrong with that picture. Remember, these are high school seniors who organized this prom. Whatever their story is, I’m pretty sure it has something to do with someone paying way too much for their education. Illinois Policy

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Obama’s Chicago – Blacks Killing Blacks


In 2008, Barack Obama promised blacks that he would make life better for them if he was elected. He promised to create more jobs for blacks, especially black teens and help them in other ways to lower the crime rates

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Handicapped Man Defends Himself from Burglar; Gets Charged with Misdemeanor

drawing weapon

This is one of those stories that show the idiocy of gun laws. It took place in Chicago, the gun control capital of the U.S. From the Chicago Tribune: The 44-year-old homeowner was sleeping when his frightened 18-year-old daughter woke

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Obama-Appointed Judge Overturns Chicago’s Gun Sale Ban

chicago guns crime

Illinois’ and Chicago’s gun laws have taken a beating over the past few years. For a while, Illinois was the only state left to have an outright ban on concealed carry. You could have a gun, but it couldn’t leave

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Chicago’s Black Mobs Robbing Stores & Raping Teen Girls


Ah, Chicago, the Windy City and political home to Barack Obama.  Run by Democratic mayors since 1931 (Rahm Emanuel claims to be non-partisan, but all of his bios list him as a Democrat).  If the Democrats had such a great

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Schools Banning Lunches From Home To Push Socialist Agenda

brown bag lunch

How many of you carried lunches from home with you when you went to school?  I lived on brown bag lunches through most of my school years including high school, college and through most of my working life.  If I

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Cop Breaks Woman's Face for No Reason

women battery

A 47-year-old Chicago mother of two admits to having drunk a little too much one night. That’s why she decided to stop driving and pull over to the side to sleep it off. But all a Skokie (a Chicago suburb)

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